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All our exceptional stones are classified alphabetically in this category of M to Q. Discover Mixed stones, Black Obsidian, Falcon Eye, Bull Eye, Tiger Eye, Onyx, Peridot, Lava Stone or Moonstone.

There are 103 products.

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Monaco choker necklace Pearl

Monaco choker necklace with freshwater pearl on nylon thread...

Price €14.08

Moonstone Atina Necklace

Moonstone Atina Moonstone Collection in 18K Gold Plated...

Price €45.83

"Feminity" Bracelet

The bracelet "LOVE" is composed of the most beautiful stones...

Price €24.99

Bracelet Chakra 7 Crown

This bracelet is linked to the last of the seven chakras: the...

Price €24.99

Bracelet Chakra 1 Root

This bracelet is connected to the first of the seven chakras:...

Price €24.99

Bracelet 4 elements : EARTH

Earth Bracelet Ambrolia 4 elements bracelets created to...

Price €24.99

Tiger's Eye Paris Necklace

Tiger eye Paris Tiger eye necklace in 18k gold plated...

Price €45.83

Bracelet 4 elements : WATER

Water Bracelet : Ambrolia 4 elements bracelets custom made in...

Price €24.99

Distance Bracelets

Are you missing someone? Your soul mate? Your best friend, a...

Price €30.00 Regular price €37.50
  • -20%
  • -20%

Triple Protection Bracelet

Our Triple Protection Bracelet is made of Tiger Eye, Hawk Eye,...

Price €24.92

Zodiac Bracelet : Scorpio

Zodiac Bracelet : Scorpio This bracelet astrological sign...

Price €24.99

Zodiac Bracelet : Aries

Zodiac bracelet : Aries This bracelet astrological sign Aries...

Price €24.99