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From Q to Z

All our exceptional stones are classified alphabetically in this category from R to Z. Discover our quartzes, Ruby, Sodalite or Turquoise.

There are 31 products.

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Distance Bracelets

Are you missing someone? Your soul mate? Your best friend, a...

Price €30.00 Regular price €37.50
  • -20%
  • -20%

"Love" Bracelet

The bracelet "LOVE" is composed of the most beautiful stones...

Price €29.08

Zodiac Bracelet : Scorpio

Zodiac Bracelet : Scorpio This bracelet astrological sign...

Price €24.99

Zodiac Bracelet : Taurus

Zodiac Bracelet : Taurus  This bracelet astrological sign bull...

Price €24.99

Zodiac bracelet : Pisces

Zodiac bracelet : Pisces This bracelet astrological sign fish...

Price €24.99

Zodiac Bracelet : Libra

Zodiac Bracelet : Libra This bracelet astrological sign Libra...

Price €24.99

Custom Ambrolia bracelet

Our Ambrolia path of life bracelet consists of a set of 8...

Price €34.17