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Are you looking for support through lithotherapy? We offer several bracelets that may help you with what you are looking for. If fighting stress, boosting your luck or finding a connection with love are things that matter to you, then these bracelets are for you! 

Can't find what you're looking for? We can design a custom bracelet or create a life-path bracelet to fit one or more specific needs. This is very practical when you are looking for a jewel with several stones that can cover different virtues to support you! It also allows us to accompany you on a daily basis so that each bead acts when you need it most.

There are 5 products.

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"No-stress" Bracelet

The bracelet "No-stress" is composed of stones known for their...

Price €29.08

    "Luck" Bracelet

    The bracelet "Chance" is composed of stones being the most...

    Price €29.08

      "Love" Bracelet

      The bracelet "LOVE" is composed of the most beautiful stones...

      Price €29.08

        Custom Ambrolia bracelet

        Our Ambrolia path of life bracelet consists of a set of 8...

        Price €34.17