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Are you looking for a jewel that perfectly matches your profile? Have you thought about astrology? We offer many models of stones that could correspond to you! 

The word "astrology" means "the study of the stars" and this means that its specialists carefully study the positioning of the stars of your birth. This is when your destiny is set in motion.

To help you move forward serenely in your life, several stones corresponding to your solar astrological sign can help you. We have chosen them especially for you, and we have mounted them on a bracelet. It is waiting for you!

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Zodiac Bracelet : Scorpio

Zodiac Bracelet : Scorpio This bracelet astrological sign...

Price €24.99

Zodiac Bracelet: Virgo

Zodiac Bracelet: Virgo This bracelet astrological sign Virgo...

Price €24.99

Zodiac Bracelet : Aquarius

Zodiac Bracelet : Aquarius This bracelet astrological sign...

Price €24.99

Zodiac Bracelet : Taurus

Zodiac Bracelet : Taurus  This bracelet astrological sign bull...

Price €24.99

Zodiac bracelet : Pisces

Zodiac bracelet : Pisces This bracelet astrological sign fish...

Price €24.99

Zodiac bracelet : Leo

Zodiac bracelet : Leo This bracelet astrological sign lion is...

Price €24.99

Zodiac Bracelet : Gemini

Zodiac Bracelet : GeminiThis bracelet astrological sign Gemini...

Price €24.99

Zodiac Bracelet : Capricorn

Zodiac Bracelet: Capricorn This bracelet astrological sign...

Price €24.99

Zodiac Bracelet : Cancer

Zodiac bracelet : Cancer This bracelet astrological sign...

Price €24.99

Zodiac Bracelet : Libra

Zodiac Bracelet : Libra This bracelet astrological sign Libra...

Price €24.99

Zodiac Bracelet : Aries

Zodiac bracelet : Aries This bracelet astrological sign Aries...

Price €24.99