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Dublin Necklace

Delivery within 15 working days maximum.

Dublin necklace in stainless steel mirror polished and plated with 18K gold for the gold version.

We offer you the personalized engraving of your jewel ! 

1. If you wish to engrave a design or a text on the main face of your jewel, first choose the element you want and then choose the color of the medal:

For a design: view our design catalog here

For a text / date : see our catalog of typographies here 

2. When you have completed your personalization, click on the "save personalization" button then "add to cart".

Feel free to contact us via chat for any special engraving requests.

In stock


Which size to choose?

This guide will allow you to know the perfect size for your future jewelry.


Bracelet size

To know the exact size of your wrist, you can use a measuring tape. If you don't have one at your disposal, here is a small tutorial to help you measure it easily in only 5 min. You can ask someone for help. 

- Bring a sheet of paper, a pen, a ruler and a roll of tape (optional).

- Cut a thin strip lengthwise. The goal is to wrap it around your wrist to find out its size.

- Place the tape around your wrist and secure it with a piece of tape if you feel the need. Mark the crossing.

- Unroll your band and measure it with a school ruler in centimeters. You'll see that the length corresponds to that of a meter of dressmaker's tape.

Voilà! Now you know your wrist size.

Guide pour mesurer son tour de poignet pas à pas

Necklace lenght

Currently, we offer two lengths of necklaces:
- Necklaces with a length of 45 cm (sometimes with an adjustable extension of + 5 cm)
- Necklaces with a length of 60 cm.
Available necklaces lenghts
Size Guide
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At Ambrolia, we want to offer you unique jewelry! 

Here is our Dublin necklace which combines elegance and modernity. 

Its half circle shape is a timeless piece that will go with all your outfits and occasions. With this trendy model you will be 

2 versions are available:

-The Stainless Steel version

-The version in 18-carat gold-plated stainless steel.

They both have a mirror finish that brings a sparkling shine to your jewelry. Indulge or indulge yourself with this jewelry to wear close to you. 

The stainless steel does not oxidize and is very strong. The jewelry will last a long time without losing its original beauty!

This model is 45cm+5cm necklace.

Maintenance tips: 

In order to keep your jewelry sparkling and beautiful, we suggest you follow these few recommendations.

Keep the shine:

As the stones are natural, they are likely to vary in appearance over time. We advise you to keep your jewels in a bag or a closed box protected from humidity.

Protect them from prolonged exposure to sunlight and water to preserve their original beauty. Also avoid contact with cosmetics and household abrasives.

Use a soft, dry cloth regularly to gently clean them to prevent their natural tarnishing.

In contact with the skin:

We have made every effort to select non-allergenic, quality materials to minimize any skin risk from contact with our jewelry.

However, we recommend that you perform an exposure test on your skin before wearing them for a long time.

Ambrolia jewelry is delicate and fine, which requires careful and attentive handling.

Each stone being natural, colors and shapes may vary. (As the bracelets are handmade, the wrist size may vary slightly). Photo not contractual.

Note: The benefits of lithotherapy are not scientifically proven, so we cannot guarantee significant effects on your health. 


Data sheet

Jewel color
45cm +5cm
Entre 1g et 5g

Specific References

Image Reference Attributes Price Quantity Add to cart
- Materials: Polished Stainless Steel;
Add to cart
- Materials: Stainless steel 18k Gold plated;
Add to cart

Necklace lenght

Currently, we offer two lengths of necklaces:
- Necklaces with a length of 45 cm (sometimes with an adjustable extension of + 5 cm)
- Necklaces with a length of 60 cm.
Please check if different lenghts are available for this product !
Available necklaces lenghts

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