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Bracelet 4 elements : AIR

Delivery within 15 working days maximum.

AIR Bracelet 

Ambrolia 4 elements bracelets custom made in inspiration of the 4 elements : WaterEarth, AIR ou Fire

Wrist size
In stock


Which size to choose?

This guide will allow you to know the perfect size for your future jewelry.


Bracelet size

To know the exact size of your wrist, you can use a measuring tape. If you don't have one at your disposal, here is a small tutorial to help you measure it easily in only 5 min. You can ask someone for help. 

- Bring a sheet of paper, a pen, a ruler and a roll of tape (optional).

- Cut a thin strip lengthwise. The goal is to wrap it around your wrist to find out its size.

- Place the tape around your wrist and secure it with a piece of tape if you feel the need. Mark the crossing.

- Unroll your band and measure it with a school ruler in centimeters. You'll see that the length corresponds to that of a meter of dressmaker's tape.

Voilà! Now you know your wrist size.

Guide pour mesurer son tour de poignet pas à pas

Necklace lenght

Currently, we offer two lengths of necklaces:
- Necklaces with a length of 45 cm (sometimes with an adjustable extension of + 5 cm)
- Necklaces with a length of 60 cm.
Available necklaces lenghts
Size Guide
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This AIR bracelet will help you to let go in your life.

If you wish to find positive thoughts, to decrease your stress and your anxieties, it is the bracelet which you need.

Fluorine : 

Letting go, Wisdom, Understanding

The fluorite stone calms fears and helps to reduce stress. It promotes emotional and psychological releases and open-mindedness. It helps concentration and brings intellectual clarity which will allow you to move forward in your projects.

It is the ideal stone if you need to take confidence in you. It will allow you to see more clearly in your life by stabilizing your emotions and negative thoughts.

Rock Crystal :

Purification, amplification, balance

Rock Crystal, also called White Quartz, is a stone that is a catalyst for its owner's intentions: it heals, channels negative energies or creates positive opportunities if you so wish.

It amplifies all energies and offers a greater awareness of the world. 

On the emotional side, it increases all positive feelings such as joy, laughter or love. 

Its crystals help to stimulate the immune system and help to fluidify the energy network of the whole body. 

Chalcedony : 

Expression, Harmony, Calming

A soft purplish-blue stone, it is ideal if you are feeling lonely or isolated.

Chalcedony has soothing properties and is recommended for aggressive or irritable people, it calms you if you feel overworked or sad. 

It has powers against stage fright and to speak with ease in public. It will help you to have confidence in you and in your capacities. You will then be more tolerant and open to others.  

Lava Stone :

Confidence - Balance - Courage

Stone of stability and appeasement, it fights fears to help you overcome traumas. The natural magnetism of lava stone has a positive influence and protects the person who wears it, giving strength and courage to face everyday difficulties.

Lava stone is also a grounding stone that brings strength and stability both physically and mentally. It is also a stone of psychic reconstruction which helps to control negative and excessive emotions like anger. It also helps in self-knowledge to better evolve by overcoming unconscious blockages.

Purification and recharging bracelet Air: water, sun, flower of life or fumigation (avoid salt)

Advice: you can recharge it in the sun but not in continuous exposure (not more than 2 hours) 

Maintenance advice: 

In order to keep the shine and beauty of your jewelry, we recommend you follow these few recommendations.

Keep the shine:

The stones being natural, they are likely to vary in appearance over time. We advise you to keep your jewels in a bag or a closed box protected from humidity.

Protect them from prolonged exposure to sunlight and water to preserve their original beauty. Also avoid contact with cosmetics and household abrasives.

Use a soft, dry cloth regularly to gently clean them to prevent their natural tarnishing.

In contact with the skin:

We have made every effort to select non-allergenic, quality materials to minimize any skin risk from contact with our jewelry.

However, we recommend that you perform an exposure test on your skin before wearing them for a long time.

Ambrolia jewelry is delicate and fine, which requires careful and attentive handling.

Each stone being natural, colors and shapes may vary. (As the bracelets are handmade, the wrist size may vary slightly). Photo not contractual.

Note: Lithotherapy is considered a pseudo-science whose effects are not scientifically proven, so we cannot guarantee significant effects on your health. 


Data sheet

4 elements
Cristal Quartz
Lava stone
Smoky Quartz
Chalcedony : Expression, Harmony, Calming
Cristal de Roche : Purification, Amplification, Équilibre
Fluorine : Lâcher-Prise, Sagesse, Compréhension
Pierre de Lave : Confiance, Équilibre, Courage
Pearl size
Wrist size
Sur mesure
Wire type
Fil élastique résistant

Specific References

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