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Bracelet Chakra 1 Root

Delivery within 15 working days maximum.

This bracelet is connected to the first of the seven chakras: the root chakra. It is located at the base of the spine. 

This energy center is the most instinctive. When it is correctly balanced, it allows you to make new experiences without fear and to make important decisions in your life. Anchoring (also called rooting) is the only way to restore balance in this energy center. The root chakra is one of the fastest chakras to rebalance.

This bracelet is made of Garnet, Obsidian, Pyrite and Howlite stones.

Wrist size
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Which size to choose?

This guide will allow you to know the perfect size for your future jewelry.


Bracelet size

To know the exact size of your wrist, you can use a measuring tape. If you don't have one at your disposal, here is a small tutorial to help you measure it easily in only 5 min. You can ask someone for help. 

- Bring a sheet of paper, a pen, a ruler and a roll of tape (optional).

- Cut a thin strip lengthwise. The goal is to wrap it around your wrist to find out its size.

- Place the tape around your wrist and secure it with a piece of tape if you feel the need. Mark the crossing.

- Unroll your band and measure it with a school ruler in centimeters. You'll see that the length corresponds to that of a meter of dressmaker's tape.

Voilà! Now you know your wrist size.

Guide pour mesurer son tour de poignet pas à pas

Necklace lenght

Currently, we offer two lengths of necklaces:
- Necklaces with a length of 45 cm (sometimes with an adjustable extension of + 5 cm)
- Necklaces with a length of 60 cm.
Available necklaces lenghts
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Root Chakra 1 Bracelet

Garnet :

Passion - Stimulation - Courage

True stone of passion, the garnet strengthens self-confidence and willpower. It will bring you perseverance to achieve your goals and allows you to be more optimistic and be a real actor in your life. 

In the legends, it had the reputation to give strength and vigor in the fights.  

Obsidian :

Protection - reflection - mastery

Obsidian allows you to become aware of negative emotions in order to free yourself from them. It contributes to the healing of emotional traumas.

True shield stone, it protects you from negative people. 

It helps you to discover your personality in order to allow you to evolve. Promotes awareness and clarity of mind.

Pyrite :

Abundance - Confidence - Productivity

Pyrite stone stimulates memory and allows you to connect with your creative abilities.  It stimulates the flow of ideas by allowing one to tap into one's abilities and potential.

Excellent energetic shield, pyrite would help to bring down negative energies to the earth. It would be an excellent energy shield.

Howlite :

Calmness, openness, clarity

The howlite stone allows to be coherent with one's thoughts and emotions. It helps to be clear and responsible in its actions.

It dissolves the stress of everyday life and brings calm in all circumstances. Howlite is a stone that teaches patience and allows for open-mindedness.

Advice of maintenance: 

In order to maintain the luster and beauty of your jewelry, we suggest you follow these few recommendations.

Keep the shine:

The stones being natural, they are likely to vary in appearance over time. We advise you to keep your jewels in a bag or a closed box protected from humidity.

Protect them from prolonged exposure to sunlight and water to preserve their original beauty. Also avoid contact with cosmetics and household abrasives.

Use a soft, dry cloth regularly to gently clean them to prevent their natural tarnishing.

In contact with the skin:

We have made every effort to select non-allergenic, quality materials to minimize any skin risk from contact with our jewelry.

However, we recommend that you perform an exposure test on your skin before wearing them for a long time.

Ambrolia jewelry is delicate and fine, which requires careful and attentive handling.

Each stone being natural, colors and shapes may vary. (As the bracelets are handmade, the wrist size may vary slightly). Photo not contractual.

Note: Lithotherapy is considered a pseudo-science whose effects are not scientifically proven, so we cannot guarantee significant effects on your health. 


Data sheet

7 Chakras
Black Obsidian
Grenat : Passion, Stimulation, Courage
Howlite : Calme, Ouverture, Clarté
Obsidienne Noire : Protection, Réflexion, Maîtrise
Pyrite : Abundance, Confidence, Productivity
1 - Root Chakra
Pearl size
Wrist size
Sur mesure
Wire type
Fil élastique résistant
Acier inoxydable plaqué Or 14 carats

Specific References

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