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Triple Protection Bracelet

Our Triple Protection Bracelet is made of Tiger Eye, Hawk Eye,...

Price €24.92

    Zodiac Bracelet : Aries

    Zodiac bracelet : Aries This bracelet astrological sign Aries...

    Price €24.99

      Custom Ambrolia bracelet

      Our Ambrolia path of life bracelet consists of a set of 8...

      Price €34.17

        London Necklace

        Rectangular London necklace made of mirror polished stainless...

        Price €30.83

          Collier Dublin

          Dublin necklace in stainless steel mirror polished and plated...

          Price €25.75

            Nara Ring Black / Rose Gold

            Price €16.63 Regular price €33.25
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            Santorini Bracelet

            Trendy Santorini bracelet with multiple colors. The weaving is...

            Price €18.33