Garnet : January's Stone

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Identity card of the garnet

Family : Silicates

Astrological signs: Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, Virgo

Chakra : 1st Root Chakra and 2nd Sacred Chakras

Origin of the name :

Garnet is a stone that can be red, orange, brown, black or green. The best known and used in lithotherapy is the red-brown garnet called almandine garnet. The name garnet comes from the Latin name "granatum" which means grains, and is reminiscent of the seeds of a pomegranate because of its color, or because of its rounded crystallized shape. 

Popular legends and beliefs :

Since the period of Ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages through ancient Rome, these gemstones then called "carbuncles" adorned the costumes of the greatest warriors. They were used in particular to bring strength and courage to the crusaders to enable them to face the worst enemies during the holy wars.

The garnet was used as a talisman until its blackening, which was a bad omen for its owner. It recovers its luster once the danger has passed. 

Virtues :

Passion, Stimulation, Courage

A true anchor stone, garnet is a stone that has many virtues to help you appreciate life. It helps to have feet on the ground while bringing passion, creativity, vital and sexual energy. It helps to overcome obstacles and difficulties and brings success for the projects you undertake and on a material level. Garnet also strengthens the survival instinct. For singles, wear it in combination with rose quartz and it will attract love and help you gain self-confidence in your intimacy. Symbol of sacred sexuality, it develops self-confidence in your power of seduction, but also your desire to enjoy life every day.

Physical : 

Bright red stones such as garnet are also known to boost blood circulation, blood pressure, purify the blood of toxins and tone the heart. It is therefore the ideal stone for people suffering from palpitations. 

The capillary vessels are also strengthened, reducing skin irritations, internal and external wounds. Garnet has a tonic role in several organs, including the liver, spleen and kidneys, thus helping to fight microbial infections.

Garnet is a stone with strong virtues stimulating the sexual organs, libido and sexual pheromones.

Emotional :

Garnet is a stimulating stone that brings joy of life while feeling more confident and reassured. This stone helps with self-esteem. 

Associated with rock crystal, it will be ideal if you go through a moment when you feel "flat" and without energy. It gives again power, and the feeling that you have everything to succeed. 

It helps you to become aware of the love that is carried to you by others: you will finally be ready to open yourself emotionally!

Garnet is attributed with the power to free yourself from negative behavioral patterns. It possesses the power of regeneration, helping to combat discouragement, failure and emotional instability.

It soothes sadness and heals emotional pain. You will finally regain hope and desire.

Close garnet

This stone is for you if : 

It is a perfect stone for people seeking to assert themselves and gain self-confidence. It allows introspection in order to get to know yourself better. In difficult times, garnet will make you see obstacles as challenges. The garnet stone has many properties, bringing strength, energy, courage, drive and self-confidence.

Wear it as a jewel for a few weeks and you will notice an increase in your motivation to achieve your goals and move forward with your projects. Your thoughts will be more optimistic. 

This stone is not for you if :

As a passion stone, it is not recommended for angry, jealous and envious people who may cause an excess of strong emotions. A softer stone is recommended for these people (blue or pink stones). People suffering from hypertension should also not wear this stone. 

Purification and recharging : 

Not all stones can be cleaned in the same way. Some don't like the sun, others don't like water or the moon, etc. It is therefore important to respect the needs of each stone. 

For an effective purification of the garnet, we advise you to purify it as soon as you receive it. Indeed, even if we purify all the stones ourselves, they have been handled by other people before you. It is thus important to purify them so that they deliver all their virtues to you. 

  • Water, sun, flower of life, or fumigation 

Sage and palo santo

Purification : 

We recommend purifying the garnet by placing it under running water for a few seconds while delivering an intention. We recommend that you take inspiration from its virtues. For example, you could give it the following intention: "give me the courage to face all the trials to reach my goals". The purer the water, the more effective the purification will be. Make sure to dry your jewelry well so as not to damage it.

White sage and palo santo are also good ways to purify the garnet and rid it of bad energies. Light your sacred grass and then you can pass it under this smoke with strong purifying powers. This gentle but effective technique can also be used to recharge your stones. 

Important : Never drink, store or use water that has been used to purify your stones. Moreover, jewels made of a material other than stones (wire, stainless steel, gold, silver...) cannot be in contact with water for too long.


To recharge, leave the garnet in the sun for a few hours. 

It is also possible to recharge it on a quartz heap or in an amethyst geode. For this method, leave your stone / jewel in your geode for at least one day.

The 3rd possible method to recharge a garnet stone is with sacred geometry. We advise you to use the high vibratory rates of flower of life, scallops ... 

Charging frequency : 

The garnet is a stone bringing powerful virtues and is thus easily discharged. To benefit from its virtues daily, we invite you to purify and recharge it regularly.  

Purify your garnet 1 time per week at least to cleanse it of negative energies and recharge it 2 to 3 times per week to bring positive energies to it.


Avoid exposure to the moon and be sure to dry the jewelry well after exposure to water.


The benefits of lithotherapy are not scientifically proven, so we cannot guarantee significant effects on your health.

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