Nordic Futhark runes

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They are strange little shapes that you come across from time to time. They seem to come from the far north and yet they are used all over the world to inspire and sometimes even predict the future. Let's take a closer look at an unusual alphabet!

What is the Futhark?

Futhark is an ancient alphabet whose name was formed from its first letters. It is as if our alphabet was called "Abcdef"... Not so good compared to the name of the Futhark, which represents well the spirit of the Northern countries!

A specific alphabet

The Futhark runes are part of an old alphabet whose origin is a little unclear. It is thought to have originated in the Nordic lands, i.e. the Viking culture, or even in Germanic territories. Traditionally composed of 24 letters, this alphabet was used for writing stories, but also for divinatory arts. As each letter had a specific sound and representation, they could be very useful for studying fate. Just like astrology, the runes are therefore harbingers of events already written by the higher force of Time. It is therefore easy to understand why many Vikings used these runes as magical amulets to attract the protection of the gods. It is also worth noting that other runic systems exist, but that the Norse Futhark is still mainly used as a basis for the divinatory arts. The 24 runes of the Futhark system are attached to the astrological signs. It is therefore normal that two runes are associated with each classical astrological sign.


A rich history

The runes have been well known for many centuries. As with most legacies of our ancient cultures, the exact origin is somewhat unclear. Historians agree, however, that the runes originated in Viking, and even more generally Nordic, traditions.

The mythological origin

In these northern cultures, nothing is taken for granted; everything is earned through sweat and sacrifice. This is particularly clear in Viking mythology. Let us take for example the legends linked to the runes of divination: When the great God Odin was pierced with his famous spear Gungnir, he found himself hanging from the tree Yggdrasil. He hung on the world tree for nine days and nights. After this difficult ordeal, he finally managed to access the runes and their greatest secrets. Having discovered all the meanings of the runes of wisdom and knowledge, he offered them to mankind to learn more about their past, present and future.

The scientific origin

According to scientific discourse, this runic alphabet was created by people using Germanic as a common language. They sought to reproduce the sounds in written form in order to keep a record. However, most experts agree that this alphabet is a mixture of various cultures such as Germanic, Greek and Latin. Other, much more advanced studies even make the connection between runes and genetics. Indeed, this alphabet would be very close to the Camunian signs dating from the 1st century BC, which would show that this system could be the first origin of this alphabet. Other similar theories with other ancient written systems have been put forward by different scientists. The main problem common to all these hypotheses is simple: no concrete evidence can confirm any research on the origin of the Futhark...


Modern practices

Today, runes are no longer used for communication in the sense that we understand it today. They are rarely used for speaking or writing, but are mostly used in modern divinatory rites. Some people also use them as amulets or protective talismans to accompany a goal. Here we will show you how to calculate your birth runes and how you can test out rune divination.

The birth runes

As previously mentioned, the Nordic cultures believed in fate and the divinatory arts prove this. Futhark runes also use numerology coupled with astrology to grant one or more runes to an individual according to their date and time of birth. By discovering which runes belong to you, you can then create a talisman and wear it to help you achieve your goals. However, it is necessary to point out that runes are not signs to be taken lightly, as they can disrupt your body's energy if used incorrectly. This is why the greatest runologists advise against tattooing runes on the body, as they could be "programmed" by the tattoo artist in an unconscious way. This is why we advise you to have your runes engraved on some kind of medium that resonates with you. We ourselves engrave on polished stainless steel or 14-carat gold medals. 


Divination runes

The methodology of a divination reading is not really different from a tarot card reading or a pendulum reading. Therefore, a very specific, respectful and open procedure should be followed in order to attract only the positive during a reading. We give you an example of a procedure that you can follow at home with your runes:

- Sit down in a quiet place and relax. - Once you are calm, you can burn incense, sage, palo santo or simply light candles. - Lay out a white tablecloth or prepare a flat, colour-neutral surface. - Take a deep breath and clear your mind. - You can focus on a specific, correctly worded question, or let the runes guide you. - There are different methods of drawing more or less complete runs, but we advise you to start by drawing them all. - Analyze each runes position or take a picture of them to be able to make a thorough analysis. - Once finished, purify your runes by placing them in a quartz cluster, with fumigation or geometric shapes. - Store your runes in a pouch or small box. 

The position of each rune is important and the analysis of a draw takes everything into account. It is possible to have 4 different positions:

- Face up inscription: positive - The inscription face up upside down: negative - Inscription face down: positive - Inscription face down: negative

The only thing to remember is that if the Wyrd rune appears in one of your sessions, it means that your question will not be answered.


Let's get practical!

 Now that you understand what the runes represent in their traditional divinatory use, it is time to calculate your own birth runes. Your birth runes are two: the solar rune and the lunar rune. You can also easily calculate your lucky triad using numerology. Let's get to your calculators! Let's get practical!


Calculate your Futhark sun rune

The rune corresponding to your main astrological sun sign is the one representing your personality. It can help you to understand yourself better in order to understand your own personality. It acts internally on yourself and leads you to a better understanding of yourself. The best way to find out what your rune is is to match it with your own star sign:

- Aries : Fehu rune - Taurus : Uruz rune - Sagittarius : Raidho rune - Scorpio : Eihwaz rune - Pisces : Gebo rune - Leo : Wunjo rune - Aquarius : Hagalaz rune - Capricorn : Nauthiz rune - Cancer : Algiz rune - Virgo : Berkano rune - Gemini : Ehwaz rune - Libra : Tiwaz rune


Calculate your moon rune Futhark

Your first rune is calculated and you are missing the second. This lunar rune is defined by the time of your birth and represents how you present yourself to the world. The exact moment of your birth at any given time is frozen in time and space and it is through this moment that everyone places themselves in the world. We have prepared a list of birth times and associated runes for you:

- From 00h30 to 01h29 : Ihwaz rune

- From 01h30 to 02h29 : Pertho rune

- From 02h30 to 03h29 : Algiz rune

- From 03h30 to 04h29 : Sowilo rune

- From 04h30 to 05h29 : Tiwaz rune

- From 05h30 to 06h29 : Berkano rune

- From 06h30 to 07h29 : Ehwaz rune

- From 07h30 to 08h29 : Mannaz rune

- From 08h30 to 09h29 : Laguz rune

- From 09h30 to 10h29 : Inguz rune

- From 10h30 to 11h29 : Dagaz rune

- From 11h30 to 12h29 : Othalan rune

- From 12h30 to 13h29 : Fehu rune

- From 13h30 to 14h29 : Uruz rune

- From 14h30 to 15h29 : Thurisaz rune

- From 15h30 to 16h29 : Ansuz rune

- From 16h30 to 17h29 : Raidho rune

- From 17h30 to 18h29 : Kaunan rune

- From 18h30 to 19h29 : Gebo rune

- From 19h30 to 20h29 : Wunjo rune

- From 20h30 to 21h29 : Hagalaz rune

- From 21h30 to 22h29 : Nauthiz rune

- From 22h30 to 23h29 : Isaz rune

- From 23h30 to 00h29 : Jera rune


Calculate your Futhark numerological triad

You already know how to calculate your Life Path number, because you read about it in our article on the subject, right? Well, you will need this number to find your lucky triad. We'll give you a little reminder so that you can calculate it yourself here. If I was born on 26/09/1993, then I need to add all the numbers in my date of birth together, i.e.: 2+6+9+1+9+3=39. This number is too high, so we will add it up until we get a number between 1 and 9: 3+9=12 1+2=3 My life path number is therefore 3!

It's up to you to calculate your number, then refer to this list to find your own lucky triad:

- Life Path 1: Ansuz - Isa - Tyr triad - Life Path 2 : triad Mannaz - Gebo - Eihwaz - Life Path 3 : triad Raidho - Kenaz - Perthro - Life Path 4 : triad Ingwaz - Berkano - Ehwaz - Life Path 5 : triad Nauthiz - Laguz - Dagaz - Life Path 6 : Othalaz - Wunjo - Sowilo triad - Life Path 7 : Thurisaz - Jera - Elhaz triad - Life Path 8 : triad Fehu - Uruz - Hagalaz - Life Path 9 : single rune Wyrd


Ce qu’il faut retenir

Les runes sont un outil puissant qui permet de mieux se comprendre soi, mais aussi le monde qui nous entoure. Ce système millénaire offre de nombreuses possibilités pour se fabriquer des amulettes de protection, mais aussi de faire de la divination. Il ne faut cependant pas les prendre à la légère, car elles peuvent apporter beaucoup en bien autant qu’en mal lorsqu’elles ne sont pas bien gérées…


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