Aquamarine: Stone of the month for March

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Aquamarine: Stone of the month for March

Aquamarine is a beautiful sky blue stone. It is often defined as the stone of the speaker, because it helps the most timid to express themselves in public, but also to gain confidence by opening a portal to their inner "self".

Aquamarine Identity Card

Family : Silicate d'aluminum and beryllium

Astrological signs :  Aquarius, Libra and Pisces 

Chakra :  5th Throat Chakra and 6th Brow Chakra

Origin of the name :

The name aquamarine comes etymologically from the Latin " Aqua marina " meaning " sea water". This is a reference to her sparkling blue hue. Imagine the color of a blue lagoon, on a sunny day, and you can instantly understand its meaning.

Legends and popular beliefs:

In the past, many works of art bearing the effigy of the heroes and gods of Olympus or the great characters of history were made using aquamarine thanks to its great hardness allowing significant engraving. 

Jewel of the sirens stranded on the shore or even treasure of the nymphs of Greek mythology, the aquamarine stone, known since Antiquity, has nurtured over the years a large number of beliefs as to the multiple beneficial virtues linked to its purity and to its transparency and powers of foresight. In the Middle Ages it was also used for making crystal balls for clairvoyance. 

It was discovered in Brazil and this country remains today the largest source of aquamarine thanks to the immense deposits which are there. Aquamarine is also found at the top of the Himalayas in Russia, Africa, Madagascar and in mines in Pakistan. 


Communication, Transmission, Clarity 

Whether it is to soothe and calm you before taking an exam, bring you luck in love, facilitate your communication with others, increase your self-confidence or act on various areas of our health, its virtues are multiple and essential. . 

The main virtues of aquamarine are related to emotional and sentimental clarity. It helps you express yourself with ease and confidence. Aquamarine restores your confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Aquamarine is a soothing stone, it strengthens the budding love and strengthens the love of existing couples. Its calm sea color has always dedicated it to unhindered maritime voyages. It is the stone of sailors, for whom it protects from drowning, and of all navigators.

Physique : 

Connected mainly to the neck and throat chakras, it plays a positive role on the respiratory system and can also be used to realign the chakras.

It has a beneficial action on the level of the throat, lung disorders, coughs, problems of the tonsils, larynx and throat. It is an ally to strengthen the vocal cords.

Aquamarine has a beneficial effect on the immune system which it revitalizes, strengthens and balances, while regulating the functioning of the heart rhythm as well as that of the blood, endocrine and lymphatic systems. This stone is a valuable ally in the fight against rising blood pressure, blood and heart problems.

Emotional :

It is the perfect stone if you need to gain confidence to communicate orally or convey your emotions.

This March birthstone helps with communication and self-confidence. With a soft light blue, Aquamarine is the stone of speech par excellence, it helps to express feelings and restores hope in difficult times. It is the ideal stone to restore self-confidence, fight stress and express yourself with ease. It promotes listening without prejudice. It is beneficial for singing, clear and calm speech. This stone also helps to fight against the fear of not being up to the task. 

détail aigue marine perle


This stone is for you if: 

It is a perfect stone for people who are afraid or have difficulty expressing themselves orally. 

It is perfect for you if you practice an artistic activity or you speak in public regularly. 

Singer, commercial, teacher or actor, this is the stone you need to have a clear speech while gaining self-confidence during your speeches.

This stone is not for you if:

It is a stone that can be for anyone. There are no special precautions to follow and is therefore not advised against for anyone. 

Purification and recharging: 

Not all stones can be cleaned in the same way. Some do not like the sun, others the water or the moon, etc. It is therefore important to respect the needs of each stone. 

For an effective purification of the aquamarine, we advise you to purify it as soon as you receive it. Indeed, even if we purify all the stones ourselves, they have been manipulated by other people before you. It is therefore important to purify them so that they deliver all their virtues to you. 

  • Eau, sun, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation

Sauge purification et rechargement cristaux

Purification : 

Regarding the purification of aquamarine, we recommend that you purify it by placing it under running water for a few seconds while delivering an intention to it. We recommend that you take inspiration from its virtues. For example, you could give it the following intention: "Help me express my feelings and express myself with confidence". The purer the water, the more effective the purification will be. Be sure to dry your jewelry well so as not to damage it.

White sage and Palo Santo are also good ways to purify amethyst and rid it of bad energies. Light your sacred grass then you can then pass it under this smoke with strong purifying powers. This gentle but effective technique can also be used to recharge your stones. 

Important : Never drink, store or use water that has been used to purify your stones. In addition, jewelry made of a material other than stones (wire, stainless steel, gold, silver, etc.) cannot be in contact with water for too long.


ANDxposure to sunlight is an excellent method to purify and recharge your aquamarine. Place it so that it receives its rays, preferably during the full moon and let it soak in. 

Reloading is also possible on a cluster of crystalline quartz or a geode. For this method, leave your stone/jewel in your geode for at least a day.

The 3rd possible method to recharge an aquamarine stone is with sacred geometry. We advise you to use the high vibratory rates of flower of life, scallops... 

Reload frequency: 

After a while, your stone will have transmitted all of its energy and will need effective recharging.

We invite you to purify it and recharge it regularly.  

If you use it daily or during an intense period (exam type), we recommend that you purify it once a week to cleanse it of negative energies and recharge it twice a week to bring it positive energies.

If you use it more rarely, you can purify it once a month and recharge it 2 to 3 times a month. 

Tips :  

Place your crystal in a container with demineralized water and place it in the sun for a few hours. Be sure to use this technique only on your tumbled aquamarine stones because prolonged exposure to water can alter the metals that make up your jewelry. 


The benefits of lithotherapy are not scientifically proven, so we cannot guarantee significant effects on your health.

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