Numerological calculations: we tell you everything!

Numérologie -

Numerological calculations: we tell you everything!

Numerology is a very old art of being guided by the numbers that identify you as an individual. Today, we show you how to calculate them in order to know the big projects that fate has in store for you!

The numbers of Life Path

For any order of bracelet Life Path, we calculate all the stones that make up your bracelet but also 2 important numerological elements that can influence your life, your character and your personality. 

  • Important year of your life
  • Life Path number

Find out here how to perform these 2 calculations from home! You will see it is very simple! 

Important year 

Year which was or will be the richest in lessons for you. 

The year we will give you is the year that forged or will forge a large part of your identity. Whether this year was "good" or "bad", this one will have you or will make you evolve. 

This is not always something that will be easy for you to spot, because it is possible that small elements of daily life have had a direct but discreet influence on you.

Example : Your car had to be scrapped for an accident that you didn't even have yourself because a user hit it while it was parked in a parking lot. This event, although harmless and unfortunate, could have been decisive in your relationship to material objects, and therefore to life in general. You may very well have realized that the accumulation of various gadgets was nothing compared to the wealth of a backpacking trip.

To calculate the important year of your life, the calculation is simple. You just need to add all the numbers of your date of birth. 

Day + Month + Year = Important year 

Example someone born on: 02/11/1996

11 + 02 + 1996 = 2009 


The important year of this person will therefore be 2009. 


Number Life Path 

Your number Life Path is calculated using your date of birth and is a great way to understand your inner self. 

The number Life Path describes our life purpose and the path you take in this life. 

Your number also describes your opportunities, challenges, and the environment you will face.

The number of Life Path indicates your main character traits, preferences and skills which will be useful to you as you go on in life. 

Using a simple calculation, you will be able to discover your Life Path number between 1 and 9.

To do this, you simply have to add each digit of your date of birth then to reduce the sum by adding the digits until you get a digit below 10. 

Example: 02/11/1996

Calculation: 1+1+2+1+9+9+6 =29 

Then reduce the result until you get a number below 10. 

2+9= 11



The number Life Path of this person will therefore be number 2. 


To remember

You can now perform both of these calculations.

Discover the meaning of your number Life Path and your milestone year that determines your past and your future.

The Life Path will help you approach life differently, shape your personality and take control of your destiny! 

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