Finally understand the Chakras

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Finally understand the Chakras

When we talk about Chakras, we often think of an experienced Yoggi who aligns her energies by meditating all day. But did you know that the Chakras concern all living beings? 

As a beginner in the esoteric milieu, it can be complicated to find the information you want, especially on the chakras. Let's see together what their interest is and how to balance them.

What are chakras?  

Most ancient beliefs agree on the fact that all bodies are influenced by energy flows. This is also why lithotherapy exists: without energy, no stone could convey energy.

As for most modern esoteric theories, the principle of the chakras appears in ancient India, that is to say in -2000 BC (approximately). The term "chakra" ("wheel" in Sanskrit) is found for the first time in an Indian sacred text called the Veda ("knowledge" in Sanskrit).


The chakras in concrete terms

To understand the chakras, we must first be able to see our world as being entirely composed of energies. In the human body, energy flows from one point to another, like a large piping system. To put it simply, imagine it as a source of energy or a light representing the life force of our body, which circulates in our body via precise points. When energy moves efficiently and smoothly from one chakra to another, this flow harmonizes our mental and physical health. When the chakras are properly supplied with this energy (that is to say neither too much nor too little), then the person lives in balance with his own energies. It is when there is an imbalance that the physical and mental organism can be impacted.


How to correct an imbalance?

Before discovering the Chakras governing the energies of our body, let's start by better understanding how an imbalance of these points can impact us.

Identify an imbalance

We have seen that energy circulates everywhere around us, but also within us. When a gear of this system does not work well, then our whole body can find itself negatively impacted. 


To balance all these energies, most cultures focus on 7 Main Chakras. They make it possible to become aware of one's own physical, mental and psychic body while harmonizing with the world around us. By working these harmonies daily, we open ourselves more to happiness and daily joy by rejecting negative energies. 


Most of the time, any imbalance of a Chakra starts with a psychic impact, then it becomes mental or physical and therefore becomes more problematic. There can be two reasons leading to this type of imbalance: one of the Chakras is overactive or one of the Chakras is too slow. It is therefore necessary to ensure a harmonized opening of these energy centers.



Practical quick exercise

Before seeing together how to harmonize each specific Chakra one by one to achieve a feeling of calm and joy, we thought of an exercise using lithotherapy as a guide for meditation. 

By performing this exercise regularly, you will better understand the sensations of your body and you will regulate your energy much more naturally. This is extremely important for being more in tune with your inner energy cycles. So collect stones or jewels of various colors, light candles or incense to be in a Zen atmosphere and get ready to discover these sensations!

Lie down with your arms along your body in a comfortable position. Try breathing slowly to calm both your body and your mind. Perform several cycles of slow breathing to place yourself in a calm and rested state of mind, perfect for introspection. 

Gently take the stones or gem jewelry you have chosen, then place them on the areas dedicated to each Chakra. Try to respect the common colors of the Chakras to increase the effect of the stones. Breathe again and attune yourself to the stones as you try to dismiss your daily thoughts. If you can't, just notice the presence of these thoughts and let them go like a cloud in a blue sky. 

Try to think of the colors of the stones you have chosen and imagine that these colors enter your body. These are comforting and warm colored lights. You may feel a slight warmth or tingling, this is completely normal. Imagine these lights spreading throughout your body, until they come together and illuminate you with a great white light. 

When you feel that you are in harmony and that the stones have brought you enough well-being, you can slowly come out of this meditative state and return to your daily habits. 

And There you go ! Congratulations, you have completed your first meditation session to harmonize your Chakras with stones. 



What are the 7 main chakras?

There are nearly 88,000 chakras, and depending on the chakra system, the number of main chakras varies. Some energy systems have 5, 7 or even 11 main chakras. This is related to the culture of the civilization which composes the energy system according to its beliefs.

For the best known system, it is a wheel with 7 central points which start at the base of the spine and end at the top of the skull. 



Chakra Racine Muladhara

  • Root Chakra, Base (Muladhara), red: Garnet, Obsidian, Pyrite

This chakra is one of the most neglected in our current societies even though it is one of the most important. It represents the connection between our body and the Earth and represents our primary needs for survival and our financial and social stability. 

  • When the Chakra is out of balance

This Chakra is linked to disorders of the nervous system, memory, migraines, dementia or chronic fatigue. If it is out of balance, the affected person seems more fearful and nervous when it is underactive. To the opposite when hyperactive, the person is greedy and materialistic

  • To balance this Chakra

You can use Lithotherapy or Yoga to rebalance this Chakra. Garnet, obsidian or pyrite can easily rectify excesses as well as lacks. Most jaspers are also suitable. 

For Yoga, you can use several postures: the crow, the chair, the garland. 

  • Practical exercise

It is possible to sit cross-legged and make circular movements between the thumb and index finger of each hand. You can close your eyes and sing the "LAM" sound by channeling your energy down your spine. Imagine a vibrant red color. 



Chakra Sacré Swadhistana

  • Sacred Chakra, from Hara (Swadhistana), orange: Mokaite Jasper, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye

This Chakra is related to your identity, your "inner self", as well as your own personal feelings such as sensuality, passion, creativity and even your pleasure (intimate or not). It is the link between our hard work and our happiness in life to allow us to make choices that lead to happiness. When he is too active, the person is too sensitive and cannot manage his emotions. While if it is blocked, the person no longer feels emotions and feels alone, closed to the world.

  • When the Chakra is out of balance

In the case of an imbalance, the individual concerned can no longer enjoy the small pleasures of life and intimate passions. Physically, it acts on the intimate area and causes painful periods or even infertility, prostate diseases or cysts.

  • To balance this Chakra

You can use Lithotherapy or Yoga to rebalance this Chakra. 

For lithotherapy stones, you can use orange stones such as mochaite jasper, carnelian and even tiger's eye. Carnelian, amber, or orange-colored calcite can also help. 

For Yoga, you can use several postures: the frog, the cobbler, the cobra or the bow (on the ground)

  • Practical exercise

Sit on our lap and put your hands on your knees, palm up, brushing your two thumbs. Remain calm and visualize the area of this Chakra (about three fingers below the navel) with a comforting soft orange color. Sing the "VAM" sound in a clear, crisp voice.


Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura), yellow: Calcite, Pyrite, Citrine

This Chakra is linked to feeling and physical spirituality, that is to say self-confidence, courage as well as the will in oneself and in things. It allows people who harmonize it to maintain dignity and confidence in its decisions, but also to retain control over their emotions. 

  • When the Chakra is out of balance

When this Chakra is out of balance, the person may appear indecisive or passive when under-diet, or on the contrary aggressive and with digestive disorders such as ulcers, kidney disease or pancreas when this Chakra is overactive. 

  • To balance this Chakra

You can use Lithotherapy or Yoga to rebalance this Chakra. You can use calcite, pyrite, or citrine, with the latter having a particularly powerful impact. 

For Yoga, you can use several postures: the posture of the warrior 1, the grasshopper or the boat.

  • Practical exercise

Sit on our lap and place your hands at stomach level, palm up, crossing your thumbs. Take a breath and imagine this area as if it were bathed in a pleasant, warm yellow light. Once you have this image in your head, sing "RAM" clearly.



Anahat Heart Chakra

  • Heart Chakra (Anahata), pink or green: Pink Quartz, Aventurine, Jade

This Chakra acts on emotional feelings such as love, compassion and kindness. It is the catalyst for self-acceptance and represents love for others. He is the easiest to understand and since his impact is rather widespread, he can offer kindness, generosity, positivity and listening. 

  • When the Chakra is out of balance

If there is an imbalance, the person may experience heart and respiratory problems. She may feel estranged from others and no longer feels filled with friendliness and affection. 

  • To balance this Chakra

You can use Lithotherapy or Yoga to rebalance this Chakra. You can use Pink Quartz, aventurine, jade or even malachite.

For Yoga, you can use several postures: camel, wheel, cobra, fish

  • Practical exercise

Sit in a cross-legged position and form a circle with your fingers joining your index finger and your thumb. Rest your left hand on your knee and position your right hand at heart level. Imagine green or pink energy (whichever you feel best) purifying your heart and then your whole body. Sing "YAM" to accentuate the effect. 



Chakra de la Gorge Vishuda

  • Throat Chakra (Vishuda), blue: Amazonite, Aquamarine, Chalcedony

This Chakra is directly related to your energetic voice and therefore also physical. It represents the expression of your ideas and feelings and then enables the individual with this harmonized Chakra to speak their sincere truth with clarity using verbal and non-verbal communication. 

  • When the Chakra is out of balance

In an imbalance, the person is impacted by communication problems: sore throats and hearing problems. If this Chakra is overactive, the person risks tiring his entourage by dint of talking without stopping. If underactive, she will be far from talkative and appear shy and reserved. 

  • To balance this Chakra

You can use Lithotherapy or Yoga to rebalance this Chakra. Prefer bluish stones such as amazonite, aquamarine or chalcedony. You can also lean towards blue agate or turquoise to unlock and develop the communication of this Chakra. 

For Yoga, you can use several postures: the cobra, the sphinx, the plow, the fish or the camel.

  • Practical exercise

Sit on your knees and interlace your fingers together, excluding the thumbs. As with the other Chakras, focus on your Throat Chakra by imagining light blue in that area. Sing "HAM" and breathe deeply.


Third Eye Chakra Ajna

  • Third Eye Chakra (Ajna), purple: Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite

This Chakra represents extra-sensory perception, intuition and psychic energy going beyond our 5 senses. It offers the wisdom and understanding of a more general world than that offered by our vision. It is the Chakra of spiritual development and insight.

  • When the Chakra is out of balance

During an imbalance, violent physical effects such as convulsions and hallucinations can disturb sleep. In the case of hyperactivity, the person will tend to live in an imaginary world and will keep a feeling of permanent reverie. If the Chakra is underactive, the person may feel lost in the present world, as if they cannot think clearly for themselves.

  • To balance this Chakra

You can use Lithotherapy or Yoga to rebalance this Chakra. You can use dark blue stones such as lapis lazuli and sodalite, but other gems such as labradorite and black obsidian are fine. 

For Yoga, you can use several postures: guru pranam, tailor's position, the fish, the candle, the hero or the dolphin.

  • Practical exercise

Glue the phalanges of all your fingers except the middle fingers which meet only at their tops. Imagine that you have an eye on your forehead that is dark blue or indigo depending on how you feel. Chant "OM" or "AUM" according to your sensitivity and concentrate on this position.



Sahasrara Crown Chakra

  • Crown Chakra, coronal (Sahasrara), white or purple: Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Moonstone

Together with the Root Chakra it is of great importance, as they are interconnected. This Chakra represents your consciousness connected to the Universe, in opposition to the Root Chakra connected to the earth. It is more than complicated to achieve the harmony of this Chakra, but it is he who allows to maintain the balance of all the others. It offers a world of unbiased wisdom that you will be able to see with accuracy and great awareness.

  • When the Chakra is out of balance

This Chakra is responsible for mental and nervous neurological pain. An overactive crown chakra causes detachment from the material world and physical pleasures. The person cannot find his place and is too dreamy. To Conversely, if this Chakra is under-active, the person is materialistic, closed to any form of spirituality and the Ego dominates his existence.

  • To balance this Chakra

You can use Lithotherapy or Yoga to rebalance this Chakra. Amethyst is particularly effective for this Chakra, but lapis lazuli and moonstone and rock crystal encourage its balance. 

For Yoga, you can use several postures: the sat kriya, the half-lotus, the tree or the corpse. 

  • Practical exercise

First check that your Root Chakra is well harmonized and open. Sitting in a cross-legged position, you can fully cross your hands except for the little ones. Imagine a bright purple light rising above your skull and sing the sound "NG". Do not hesitate to take inspiration from online videos to perform this song, because it is complicated to reproduce it.



Do inner listening

When it comes to harmonizing your Chakras, you absolutely must not neglect your personal sensations. It's time for introspection and understanding of your inner self facing the world! If you feel like a yoga pose you're trying isn't right for you, feel free to make it your own or try a different one. Our tips are only suggestions.  

In addition and before leaving you, we suggest that you pay extreme attention to the 7 Chakras jewelry offered for sale on the internet. Many counterfeits are circulating and many people are fooled by counterfeit bracelets every year. To simplify your choice, we have created handcrafted collections made with real stones that we offer as a suggestion below this article or in the "7 Chakras" category in our menu. 

Thus, we wish you to make beautiful discoveries and to harmonize in full consciousness. Namasté!

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