The color of your ideal stone

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The color of your ideal stone

That's it, you have decided to acquire your first gemstone jewel and we congratulate you on this decision! However, you seem a little lost on the immense diversity of colors that nature offers us... Know that the color of a stone has a real meaning and an impact on its virtues. Let's see what this color palette can do for you.


Warm colors to stimulate

Do you often feel apathetic and with a big loss of energy? If you tend to oversleep or fail to think, these stones may be for you!


The Red

Rubis brute

Red is usually associated with the element of fire and blood. Its vibrations are warm and provide strength, vigor and dynamism. Once we receive this type of energy, our vital energy is more intense. Red brings courage and vitality by strengthening our will and endurance, which incites us to action and keeps us away from passivity. In love, red stimulates you with power and is linked to passionate love. 


The Orange

Cornaline dans un pot

Orange is also associated with fire and emits warm vibrations. Active and invigorating, orange symbolizes balance and harmony, spreading joy and creativity around it. Filled with positivity, this color gives a positive attitude and helps depressed people find a taste for life. Orange also offers a new vision of conviviality, friendship and spontaneity while allowing you to appreciate material pleasures. Just like red, it is more action-oriented and helps with grounding. 



Citrine jaune bonheur et stabilité

Yellow is associated with the air element, gold and the sun. Its soft vibrations are warm like the rays of the spring sun and this color symbolizes cheerfulness. Surround yourself with yellow and you will regain the self-confidence you had forgotten, power and intelligence of mind. Unlike orange (while yellow is part of this color), it helps in making decisions and is therefore less down to earth. Yellow protects and illuminates with a radiance of simple joy. 


The brown

Oeil de tigre

Brown, brown and its variations represent the forces of earth and rootedness. Like the millennial tree, it represents patience, stability and strength. This color brings the determination you lack to face the obstacles and difficulties of everyday life, while giving you the vision of the meaning of reality. Some variations are more precise: ocher symbolizes happiness and calm while brown focuses on generosity and tolerance.



Cool colors to soothe

Do you tend to stress too much or be a real electric battery on legs? So it might be good to refocus your energies to soothe your body as well as your mind. What if these cold colored stones could help you?


The pink

Quartz rose dans un bol

Pink is a mixture of red and white and is therefore a very soft color. It is pure love that comforts fragile hearts. By surrounding yourself with pink, you will be reassured in your difficult times of doubt and emotional suffering. The love that pink brings will fill you with comfort and true love.



Aigue marine

The color blue is associated with the sky and the sea thanks to its fresh, soft and soothing vibrational energies. If you are someone with a strong temper, he will allow you to moderate and calm down. Relaxed, you will be more inclined to find your inner balance. Indeed, blue allows you to communicate and express yourself with your deep "me" to find a balance. This balance is that of spirituality and materiality, but also from a more vertical point of view between earth, water and sky.  


indigo and dark blue

Lapis lazuli

Indigo or dark blue are two colors associated with the sky. Its vibrations are cold and calming rather than soothing. The depth of these blues is the symbol of what is hidden or what is beyond. Thus, they help to develop one's vision of the beyond or of consciousness. They also help to be more lucid to better understand one's extra-sensory abilities. 



Améthyste dans un bol

Violet is made up of red and blue, so it emits cool, calming vibes. This complex color helps to present oneself on the path of spirituality and wisdom. It helps with reflection and opens the door to dreams. It is often associated with the divine purifier, humility, calm and serenity.



Neutral colors to balance

You, you are the type to scatter in all directions, right? If you have irregular periods where you sometimes feel full of energy, negative feelings or a depressing blues draining you of all your strength, it might be a good idea to rebalance all that, right? These neutral colored stones can definitely help you find that harmony you cherish so much!


The green

Aventurine dans un bol

Like spring, green is associated with water and emits neutral horizontal vibrations. It allows to balance in a hope of positive rebirth. The heart is more inclined to open up and green helps to harmonize positive and negative energies to bring inner peace. This color soothes from any negative emotion and general imbalances to create an overall harmony. Green being composed of blue and yellow, this balance therefore brings the softness that you will need to live your daily life.


The White

Howlite dans un bol

White (or transparent) is at the intersection of all colors. Being composed of all the colors of light, this color connects us to the divine. White is therefore a link between truth, clarity, knowledge and spirituality. This color is often used to contact angels or a deceased person. 



Agate noire

The color black is the exact opposite of white because it is the absence of any color that creates black. It helps in mediation by protecting and anchoring itself in the present. This color reassures by bringing light and serenity to purify energies. She is also the link between earth, strength and survival.



So many possibilities... 

Are you afraid of not knowing which stone to choose? Don't worry, contact us free of charge by email or online chat to get a quick answer to your question.

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