The shape of your ideal stone

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The shape of your ideal stone

The shape of the stones you choose has a real impact on its effects, because they do not have the same type of energy. A stone with a more pointed side will naturally tend to have a more concentrated energy in this point, whereas a rather round stone will have vibrational energies for uniform and soft. Here we present the most common forms.



raw minerals

Pierre d'Améthyste brute

Raw minerals are, as their name suggests, stones that have simply been mined and then cleaned. As they have hardly been impacted or damaged by human activity, the energy there is the purest and most efficient. However, some minerals are porous or with a low hardness, which makes them more fragile during handling. We therefore suggest that you move them around often to prevent them from crumbling.




Druses and geodes

Géode d'Améthyste sous forme de grotte

Druses and geodes are two types of fairly rough stones. The druses are a kind of "carpet" of crystals, allowing you to place jewels or stones to recharge them. Geodes are in the form of fist-sized balls that have a more or less filled cavity. Breaking this ball in half reveals the crystals and it is then called a "cave" due to the cavernous cavity. 

These two types of stones are often used to recharge others because their energy is very powerful. Their maintenance is however delicate because they tend to collect dust if they are not cleaned regularly (which we advise you!). 




Galets de minéraux

Pebbles are polished stones the size of the palm of the hand. They are often used to massage painful body parts. Place them in a small room and it will allow it to harmonize the energies of its occupants. You can easily put them on your desk, in your living room or your bedroom bedside to enhance your decoration while acting on the surrounding energies. 



tumbled stones

Cornaline sous forme de pierres roulées polies

These small polished stones can easily be moved and kept in a bag or purse. Once ill-judged because they came from offcuts of larger structures, they have grown in popularity because they are cheap and can be used with discretion in a public place. We advise you to store them in a bowl or keep them in your pocket.



Spheres and Eggs

Oeuf de minéral

Just like for the pebble, the round shape of the spheres and eggs makes it possible to homogenize the surrounding energies. On the other hand, these two forms invite more introspection and facilitate meditation. Test the differences by taking a pebble, a sphere and an egg and you will feel that the tip of the egg is more concentrated in energy. 



Pyramids and obelisks

Pyramide de gemme naturelle

Pyramids like obelisks are more reserved for use in a room. They store the negative energies of your environment and keep them within them. For this reason, these stones need to be cleaned very regularly to keep their effectiveness. Once cleaned, they will also help you gain motivation and even allow you to facilitate your contacts with higher forces.



artistic stones

Pierre de jade en forme d'éléphant

Each craftsman chooses the shape that seems to him the most suitable for a stone and for the intended purpose. We then find many representations of animals or spiritual beings such as Buddha or Angels. These shapes are easier to grasp, making the stone more personal to you. They are no less effective, because they can accompany you to the office without being afraid of the judgment of others.



The shape of your ideal stone

As you will have understood, there is no ideal stone shape for you. It is your instinct that will directly choose the stone you need and that is why we advise you to trust yourself fully. In the meantime, jewels made from fine stones allow beginners to adapt to lithotherapy and regulars to work on specific energies. 

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