The Press talks about Ambrolia!

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The Press talks about Ambrolia!

After all the work that we have raised over these many months, the press has recognized the qualities of Ambrolia jewelry by publishing articles in their media. Here is a little preview !

September 17, 2021: N°1763 of Here Magazine

Here magazine had the idea of highlighting the inspiring designers of the start of the 2021 school year through a file "Beauty & Wellness, Home & Lifestyle, Jewelry & Fashion". 

"We dare to discover inspiring brands and designers, we dare to adorn our skin with jewelry at the forefront of the trend [...]: let yourself bask in the sun of these luminous brands and dare to have a radiant return to school!"



December 17, 2021: Publication on

Our collaboration with the magazine Ici pleased their readers so much that also contacted us to publish an article on Ambrolia on their website:

Read the article by clicking here!

It's an article published in their column called "Trends Notebook" in which they present current and trendy fashion brands.  

"The stones and their powers attract you but you know nothing about them? Do not panic ! Through their site, their blog and their social networks, Annabelle and Pascaline accompany you with kindness in your quest for well-being to help you choose the stones that will suit you, soothe you and untie the knots that sometimes prevent you from living. fully... The perfect jewel is yours!"



March 2022: No. 65 of the municipal magazine of Villeneuve les Avignon - Villeneuve mag

As you know, we are two sisters with diverse French origins. We love our country and that's why we have moved a lot! However, it is in Villeneuve les Avignon that we have chosen to start the great Ambrolia adventure. 

It is therefore with pride that we saw that our city of hearts recognized our work through a very nice little article, present in the latest edition of the city newspaper, on page 25. 

Click here to read the article !


"Specialists in lithotherapy, Annabelle and Pascaline are two Villeneuvoise sisters who make gemstone jewelry to accompany your daily life. Life paths and unique creations are their specialty.
Thanks to their online store, Ambrolia makes jewelry in your image and tailor-made. Personalized engraving is offered.



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