Reloading your stones

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Reloading your stones

There are many ways to purify and recharge your stones. Some purification techniques also allow you to recharge your minerals at the same time. 

It is important to recharge the stones if you use them for their virtues. Indeed, during their use, your stones will gradually empty of their energy or on the contrary, take on negative energy, hence the importance of purifying them beforehand, then recharging them.

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The most well-known stone reloading methods are: 

Sun and moon rays or clusters of quartz or geodes, waves of forms and sacred geometry

How to reload the stones?

Not all stones can be recharged in the same way. There are several reloading techniques for your stones.

Some do not like the sun, others the water or the moon, etc. It is therefore important to respect the needs of each stone. 

Furthermore, the methods listed below are not all recommended for use on AMBROLIA jewelry because even if the technique can be effective for the stone, it could alter the elastic or the metal that makes up your jewelry. 

Do not hesitate to go to the technical data sheets of each product to discover the most suitable method for your AMBROLIA jewel.

Charging by the sun or the moon

Light is a universal natural energy, whether it emanates from the sun or the moon. You can simply place the stone in the light of one of these two stars to recharge it.

The sun will have an effect quite quickly, 2 hours is usually enough. 

The moon is powerful but it will have to be left for a whole night and preferably during the full moon which will be charged with positive waves.

Reloading by Geodes

All minerals that materialize as geodes or clusters of crystals create a large gathering of energy due to the waveform formed. The minerals recommended for best results are amethyst and rock crystal. To recharge a stone, simply place your jewel or fine stone on the crystalline cluster.

Waves of forms and sacred geometry

Just like for the purification of your stones and crystals, you can use the sacred geometry of a shell thanks to its wave form or the flower of life. 

Place your jewel or stone in the center of the abalone, scallop or flower of life shell and let your crystal recharge for 8h to 12h. A whole night is fine.

The intention or programming: 

Whatever the method chosen for your stone and depending on what it tolerates as a means of purification and recharging, we advise you to issue an intention to your stone. 

It is recommended when purifying and recharging your stones to infuse positive energy, purpose or intention in order to take ownership and make your stone a daily ally. You will then be able to create a strong energy link with your stone. 

This technique makes it possible to voluntarily direct the energy emitted by a stone. You need to focus on the properties you want to see expressed for your needs. 

These properties and virtues must all the same be in agreement with the virtues of the stone, otherwise it will not work. For example, asking a soft stone such as rose quartz to bring you energy will not work, it will work instead with a jasper or a carnelian which possess this type of virtues.

Colored stones mainly will have to be programmed carefully according to their virtues. Transparent and translucent stones, on the other hand, can be programmed more freely because they emit neutral energy. Choose a rock crystal for example.



As with purification, the frequency of recharging your stones depends on the use you make of them.

The frequency of reloading your stones will depend on 4 different factors: 

-the environment


-your state of mind

-your use

The environment: 

If your stone is placed in a room of your house or at your office and that environment is filled with energies or people emitting vibrations and energies that you feel negative, you will have to purify and recharge your stone much more regularly than if it was located in a quiet area. 


Each stone has an absorbing capacity and emits a different vibration, which is why some stones tend to drain energy more quickly. 

It will therefore be important, if you wish to preserve and sustain its positive virtues over time, to recharge it several times a week.

Your state of mind: 

If you are someone who is quite emotional, stressed or in a state of emotional vulnerability following a trauma for example, then you will need to recharge your stones several times a day or even every day ideally.

If you are a rather positive person and do not feel a negative state of mind in you, we advise you to recharge your stone once a week.

Your use:

If the stone in question is present in a jewel and you wear it every day, we advise you to recharge it every day (for example in the sun, the moon or on a flower of life placed on your bedside)

If your use is more rare, you can then space out the charging sessions.


The benefits of lithotherapy are not scientifically proven, so we cannot guarantee significant effects on your health.

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