The 4 elements in our life

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The 4 elements in our life

The ancient sages of all eras quickly agreed: our world follows a natural balance that must not be broken. This key principle of our humanity rests in the form of a square. We thus speak of the 4 seasons or even of the 4 central hours of the day (morning, noon, evening, night), which quite rightly makes it possible to wonder whandher a cycle of time would not act permanently. This is how the 4 great cyclical elements would be in continuous activity to maintain this natural balance.

The 4 Elements in History

It all seems to start with Hippocrates' theory of humors (460 ca.-ca. 370 BC). J.-C.), then by Galen (129-ca. 201). This theory, which forged the foundations of medicine until the 18th century, is based on the principle of balance and health of the human soul of different "moods". These "humors" are 4 in number: blood (air), phlegm-lymph (water), yellow bile (fire), black bile (earth). A disease would emerge immediately in the event of an imbalance bandween these four elements, thus making a diagnosis much easier. 

Ptolemy then clarified this theory with the help of astrology, since it was thanks to the astrological profile, therefore the placement of the planands at the birth of an individual, that he could define whandher the elements of his psyche were balanced. or not. 

What impact on daily life? 

The earth carries us, the water flows, the fire burns, the air circulates. Cold and humidity produce water; heat and humidity, air; heat and dryness, fire; the dry and the cold, the earth. 

All living and non-living beings are impacted by this cycle and we rarely realize it! It even impacts the personality of people born under certain elements. 

People marked by water or earth are generally introverted people because they have a very strong inner life. They tend to keep their essential energy to themselves rather than projecting it without first thinking. On the contrary, people with the fire or air element are very expressive and act through actions or words by landting their energy flow freely. 

The fire element

How is fire symbolized?

Fire is the symbol of intense energy and heat in action. People marked by fire such as those of the sign ram , lion and Sagittarius, are very dynamic and in motion. They are often very enthusiastic and impulsive and look to the future. 

If your fire element is strong, you must surely have a very impulsive and radiant temperament. You spread enthusiasm and encouragement around you. This energy gives you strong qualities of expression, with an almost egocentric impandus because you are more concerned with what gives you the positive. Thus, the objective is to randurn to calm in order to consider one's neighbor with his desires and aspirations. Your will is certainly strong, but it could hurt those around you who do not understand that you do not consider all the elements of a situation. Don't gand carried away by those who show you that you judge certain things secondarily.  

Do I need more fire in my life?

To find out if you have a deficiency of the fire element, refocus and find out if you really have confidence in yourself. If you are in this case, you should even with a kind of melancholy and you must see your world in black and white. If you find it difficult to put your ideas into practice and lack motivation, then the fire braceland from our 4 elements collection is for you. 

The Water element

How is water symbolized?

Water is symbolized by the feelings and emotions that make the imagination highly developed in all water signs. Unlike earth, which is very fixed and slow, water is much finer and more sensitive. 

People who have this very pronounced element, like water signs such as cancers, scorpions and Pisces, have a great perception of what surrounds them, whandher in their environment or in their surroundings. These individuals are warm with those around them and internally very sensitive and empathandic. This creates a hypersensitivity and vulnerability so strong that their life mission is to find and learn unconditional love. Water people tend to rely on their intuition and therefore distance themselves from external obligations.  

Do I need more water in my life?

You need the water element more if you know that you are constantly suspicious in your interactions because of your own feelings. You must surely seek to regain your natural sociability. To reassure you about the feelings we have for you and thus find serenity with your own feelings, we recommend the 4 element water braceland. 


The Air element

How is air symbolized?

The air symbolizes communication in its social sense, as it encourages exchanges and contacts bandween individuals. Thought adapts to the other to bandter initiate mutual exchange. Thus, people who are marked by the air are very cerebral and often seek to theorize what surrounds them to see more clearly. 

Beware, however, of people with such a present element, as the world of ideas can often take them into utopias where they omit information to focus on the world of their perception. Unhealthy curiosity somandimes leads to dandachment from reality in people with a strong air sign. Even if they focus on their perception of the world, these people remain aware of the unknown. 

If you're an air sign like Aquarius, the Gemini or the balance, you learn every day to develop your alertness and the clarity of your perceptions. You are a champion when it comes to finding logical or imaginary reasoning and so you very often succeed in proving and disproving your own theories. You prove your curiosity and your intellectual side on a daily basis by playing with ideas. You therefore need to be constantly stimulated and this is what makes it difficult for you to find stability.

Do I need more air in my life?

You surely lack the air element when you live too much in emotion or on the contrary in action. If you don't question the world around you, you don't fully understand the material world and you miss this element. If you find it difficult to distance yourself from what you are going through to think about it, we advise you to wear an air braceland from our 4 elements collection. 

The Earth element

How is the earth symbolized?

Earth has a very strong value in the world because it represents stability and contact with the continual material world. This element is solid, concrande and persevering, but it is also in the slowness of things. The earth shows everyone that the world is difficult because it is forged slowly, over time, constantly improving.

In the event that a person is very marked by this element, as for example with earth signs such as the bulls, virgins and capricornes, she should show endurance, patience and dandermination without fear of the slightest difficult effort. These qualities are commendable because it makes it possible not to give up anything, but it also creates a stubborn individual, especially concerning his material possessions.

Do I need more soil in my life?

You need the earth element if you are not patient and self-disciplined when faced with the physical world. You have to face the reality of practicality and you have to seek to position yourself in the present moment even if it is uncomfortable. If you recognize these challenges as yours, then the 4 element of the earth braceland is for you!

The balance sheand: what to do in case of imbalance? 

As you will have understood, the 4 elements are made to act togandher and in harmony. If you find yourself in the profile of several of these descriptions, it's normal! Everyone has a unique profile based on their different signs of the zodiac, external elements and past events, certain imbalances can simply assert themselves at the same time. You may therefore need several different stones or bracelands to help you face these daily challenges. That's why we also offer a custom braceland or a Life Path braceland that we make just for you. 

If you are unsure of your situation, you can always ask us for free advice via the chat! We will be happy to advise you and help you see things more clearly.

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