Our stones and their virtues in lithotherapy

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Our stones and their virtues in lithotherapy

Are you looking for the virtues of a particular stone but you don't know where to look? Don't worry, we have the blog post for you!

In this article, we have listed all our stones, their virtues and how you can cleanse and recharge them. This Blog post will be constantly evolving as our collection of stones grows over time.


All our stones can be found here. Good discovery !

Reminder: what is lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is a method that relieves ailments through the use of natural stones. 

Some stones would have energetic and magnetic effects on living beings which could help the mental and the physical.

Note: The benefits of lithotherapy are not scientifically proven, so we cannot guarantee significant effects on your health.


Communication - Transmission - Clarity


Aquamarine is the stone of speech par excellence, it helps to express feelings and restores hope in difficult times.

It is the ideal stone to restore self-confidence, fight stress and express yourself with ease.

It promotes listening without prejudice. It is beneficial for singing, clear and calm speech. This stone also helps to fight against the fear of not being up to the task.

Purification and Recharging : water, sun, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation

Tips : Place your crystal in a container with demineralized water and place it in the sun for a few hours.


Openness - Clarity - Communication


Amazonite is the stone of intuition, it helps to soothe the concerns of people who are hypersensitive or who have experienced trauma. It frees you from your overly strong emotions, alleviates your fears and anxieties to allow you to open up to others.

This stone increases intuition and communication.

Purification and recharging: water, sun, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation

Tips : Place your crystal in a container with demineralized water and place it in the sun for a few hours.


Peace - Spirituality - Wisdom


A gentle soothing purple stone, it is perfect for you if you need to relax and calm down. If you are looking for wisdom, this is the one for you.

It is the ideal stone when you feel emotions overwhelm you or you are in an intense period of stress.

It stimulates imagination, clarity of mind and creativity. Improves the quality of sleep and dreams. 

It is also known to soothe insomnia, headaches, tension in the jaws and upper back. 

Purification : water or fumigation (avoid salt purification methods) 

Tips : avoid exposure to the sun to prevent it from dulling, fading and losing its beauty 


Protection - Prosperity - Appeasement


Essence of life, this natural fossil resin calms while inviting kindness, positivism and trust. 

It helps to calm you down and make you more serene.

Purification and recharging: cold water and morning sun.

Tips : Amber is not a fine stone, it is a natural resin that does not necessarily need to be recharged because it does so in a natural way. However, its virtues can be accentuated if you expose it at dawn or in a soft sunlight.


Creativity - Motivation - Faith


Aventurine encourages love, self-confidence and self-respect. It allows you to feel liberated and calm your mind. It promotes joy and positivity in your life. Aventurine helps heal past wounds and move forward. It develops compassion, creativity and altruism. It is the ideal stone if you want to find enthusiasm in your life.

Purification and recharging: water, sun or moon exposure, flower of life, quartz or amethyst geode.

Tips: Expose it to morning sunlight or during a full moon to recharge it. 


Connection - Inspiration - Understanding


Azurite is a stone capable of developing meditation and creativity.

It is beneficial to fight against depression, mental vulnerability, as it can free the mind from doubts and help to make decisions.

It reinforces your strength of inspiration and innovation. Through this, it develops your intuition and your ability to invent things for the future, sometimes to find new solutions, responding to needs that have not even been formulated yet. It makes you "travel" and helps you explore your deep nature.

Purification and recharging: unsalted water, exposure to the moon, flower of life, quartz or amethyst geode.

Tips: Avoid exposure to salt.


Joy - Appeasement - Comfort


Soft purplish blue stone, it is ideal if you feel alone or isolated.

Chalcedony has soothing virtues and is recommended for aggressive or irritable people, it calms you down if you have a feeling of overwork or grief. 

She has powers against stage fright and to speak fluently in public. It will help you to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You will then be more tolerant and more open towards others.  

Purification and recharging: water, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation, sun.

Tips : it can be purified energetically by immersing it for several hours in demineralized water, possibly slightly salty, or exposing it to the rays of the sun. 


Expression - Harmony - Appeasement


Calcite is a soft stone that acts on the mental level, it is known to bring appeasement and to help restore mental balance.

It also helps you to be more flexible, attenuating thoughts and beliefs that are too rigid. It stimulates intuition and comforts during sorrows. It connects the emotions to the intellect and allows not to be discouraged or lose hope. Calcite transforms stress into serenity and stimulates communication skills as well as self-confidence.

Purification and recharging: water, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation, sun.

Tips : it can be purified energetically by immersing it for several hours in demineralized water, possibly slightly salty, or exposing it to the rays of the sun. 


Success - Optimism - Confidence


Citrine is the stone of positivity. It promotes abundance and the joy of living. 

It brings positive energies in order to be happier. It helps with concentration. 

It is also a protective stone that will absorb and then eliminate the negative energies around you. 

Citrine brings energy and dynamism.

Purification and Recharging : water, sun, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation

Tips : Expose it regularly to sunlight to recharge it so that it sends you its good energies daily.


Creativity - Confidence - Sensitivity


Carnelian is a stone that helps to regain energy and stimulate creativity in solving problems. 

It offers abundance and vitality, and wards off negative emotions such as jealousy and anger. 

It brings motivation, enthusiasm and joy into your life.

This orange-red stone strengthens self-confidence, spontaneity and helps to live in the present. 

Purification and recharging: all methods except salt, flower of life recommended.

Tips : it offers its energy to the stones placed next to it and recharges them, avoiding contact with salt 

Rock crystal

Purification - Amplification - Balance


Rock crystal, also called White Quartz, is a catalyst stone for the intentions of its owner: it heals, can analyze negative energies or create positive opportunities if that is your wish.

It amplifies all energies and offers greater awareness of the world. 

On the emotional side, it increases all positive feelings such as joy, laughter or love. 

Its crystals help stimulate the immune system and help to smooth the energy network of the whole body. 

Purification and recharging: all methods except salt, flower of life recommended.

Tips : it offers its energy to the stones placed next to it and recharges them, avoid contact with salt, recharge it daily when you carry it on you. 


Softness - Intuition - Calm


Kyanite is the ideal stone to fight against stress and anxiety attacks.

It is a soothing stone that promotes self-confidence and communication. It drives away the feeling of frustration.

It is also beneficial during meditation sessions.

Purification and Recharging : water, moon, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation

Tips : You can place it on a cluster of quartz, in distilled water and expose it to the moon. IT'Sskip the salt.




Letting Go - Wisdom - Understanding


The fluorite stone calms fears and helps reduce stress. It promotes emotional and psychological unblocking and open-mindedness. It helps concentration and brings intellectual clarity which will allow you to move forward in your projects.

It is the ideal stone if you need to gain self-confidence. It will allow you to see more clearly in your life by stabilizing your negative emotions and thoughts.


Purification and recharging: water, flower of life, fumigation, full moon, earth.

Tips : Recharge it fairly regularly under water (for example) so that it diffuses its energies daily


Passion - Stimulation - Courage


True stone of passion, garnet strengthens self-confidence and willpower. It will bring you perseverance in order to achieve your goals and allows you to be more optimistic and be a real actor in your life. 

In legends, he was reputed to give strength and vigor in battles.  


Purification and recharging: Sun water or fumigation 

Tips : avoid exposure to the moon


Protection - Anchoring - Centering


Hematite is a stone with strong protective powers and which fights negativity. It helps to temper judgment and encourage benevolence.

Hematite protects you and calms excesses and allows you to understand their origin.

For shy people, it brings self-confidence and helps consolidate fearless thoughts. 

The Hematite stone will strengthen concentration, communication and memory.

It promotes self-centering and emotional balance. 


Purification and recharging: all methods

Tips : You can purify your hematite by immersing it in a glass or earthenware container filled with distilled or lightly salted water for a few hours. It simply recharges in the sun or on a cluster of quartz, on a flower of life or inside an amethyst geode. 


Calm - Openness - Clarity


The howlite stone allows you to be coherent with your thoughts and emotions. It helps to be clear and responsible in one's actions.


It dissolves everyday stress and brings calm in all circumstances. Howlite is a stone that teaches patience and allows open-mindedness. 


Purification and recharging: Tibetan bowl, fumigation, flower of life, scallop shell etc

Tips : avoid exposure to moonlight. 


Success - Health - Stability


The jade stone promotes luck and prosperity. A stone of emotional stability, it will also accompany you in your decision-making by freeing you from your negative thoughts. The jade stone allows you to create constructive and positive thoughts towards yourself. 

It awakens love and respect for life.


Purification and recharging: water, flower of life or fumigation

Tips : avoid purification with salt 

Brecciated Jasper

Serenity - Communication - Balance


Brecciated Jasper is a stone that promotes inner development and helps calm nervousness. It soothes and reduces stress. He accompanies you in difficult times.

This stone helps to balance sorrows and helps to achieve better self-esteem. It allows you to find your place with others by developing communication. 

Like all Jaspers, this stone will also be protective against the surrounding negative waves in order to allow you to flourish in serenity.


Purification and recharging: sun, lightly salted water (a few hours), flower of life or fumigation 

Tips : expose it to the sun for at least 3 hours to recharge it. A quartz or amethyst geode can also recharge it very well. 

Jaspe Mokaïte

Wisdom - Vitality - Protection


Like common jasper, Mokaite brings dynamism and energy.

Its particularity is to provide support and courage during difficult times. 

It brings self-confidence, wisdom and appeasement to restore your well-being. 

It will also help you rediscover the joy of living and develop your creativity.


Purification and recharging: sun, lightly salted water (a few hours), flower of life or fumigation 

Tips : expose it to the sun for at least 3 hours to recharge it. A quartz or amethyst geode can also recharge it very well. 

Red Jasper

Motivation - Strength - Dynamism 


Do you need new energy? This is the stone for you! 

Stone of passion and action. It brings courage and perseverance while removing negative energies and surrounding aggressiveness.

Motivation, strength and dynamism are the key words that define the benefits associated with Red Jasper.

It is very beneficial to bring courage and perseverance. Ideal when you start a new project, it also develops creativity.


Purification and recharging: sun, lightly salted water (a few hours), flower of life or fumigation 

Tips : expose it to the sun for at least 3 hours to recharge it. A quartz or amethyst geode can also recharge it very well.


Intuition - Connexion - Protection


Labradorite is a protective stone that absorbs negative and unwanted energies emanating from people and it works without cutting you off from these people. It dissolves fears and insecurities in order to promote the development of self-confidence. It stimulates the imagination and allows introspection. 

Ideal stone during a transformation or when you are ready to change your life. 

It reduces the level of stress and anxiety in order to bring back joy and spontaneity in life. Promotes self-confidence.


Purification and recharging: water or fumigation

Tips : avoid contact with salt, recharge it regularly under running water, otherwise it will tarnish and dry out

Lapis Lazuli

Transformation - Truth - Faith


Lapis lazuli is a stone that brings a boost of confidence and encourages him to take control of his life. It releases and helps in the communication of one's emotions and feelings. Lapis lazuli also brings fullness and inner peace, so stress is quickly evacuated.


Among its properties and virtues, we can above all confer on it the contribution of honesty, compassion and righteousness. It develops intuition, creativity and imagination.


Purification and recharging: Water, Amethyst Crystal or Quartz, Flower of Life, Fumigation, Moon

Tips : Avoid direct sunlight and salt. 

You can also place it in an Amethyst Geode. 

Lapis lazuli is particularly receptive to lunar rays, take advantage of full moons to recharge it.


Memory - Patience - Sincerity


The emerald stone promotes harmony in relationships, within the family, the circle of friends or for couples. Emerald helps with open-mindedness, patience and kindness towards others.

It helps to overcome all difficulties and hardships in life.

It develops feelings of righteousness and understanding.


Purification and Recharging : water, sun, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation

Tips : You can place it on a mass of quartz, in distilled water (very little salt) and expose it to sunlight. 





Healing - Transformation - Compassion


Healing stone for ailments, this green stone relieves your wounds and soothes your physical and mental pain. Malachite helps to free you from your emotional blockages. 

It protects against nervousness and balances bodily energies by absorbing negative energies. 

Malachite restores vitality and joie de vivre. It brings confidence, self-confidence and comfort.

It can also be beneficial for coping with a difficult family environment. 

Purification and Recharging: fumigation, purification in indirect contact with salt, lots of sun, clusters of quartz, flower of life

Tips : malachite is very sensitive to water so it is recommended not to wear it in the shower, during a sports session or avoid any exposure to perfume and cosmetic products.

black obsidian

Protection - Reflection - Mastery


Obsidian allows you to become aware of negative emotions in order to free yourself from them. It helps to heal emotional trauma.

A true shield stone, it protects you from negative people. 

It helps you to discover your personality in order to allow you to evolve. Promotes awareness and clarity of mind.

Purification and recharging: all methods.

Tips : avoid contact with salt 

Hawk Eye

Openness - Acceptance - Intuition


Hawk's Eye is a stone that develops openness to others by stimulating compassion and empathy. This stone with golden, blue and green reflections helps in decision-making and to show more discernment. It helps to be open to change and new ideas. It is also beneficial for communication with those around you.

Purification and recharging: water, sun, flower of life or fumigation 

Tips : you can recharge it in the sun, but not in continuous exposure (no more than 2 hours)

Bull's eye

Strength - Energy - Courage


Bull's Eye is a stone that brings strength and courage. This stone with coppery red reflections gives dynamism and vitality. 

It brings to the wearer a great inner strength. 

It is also an excellent shield against negative energies which acts by sending them back to the person who emitted them.

It develops instinct and gives you perseverance for the accomplishment of your projects.

Purification and recharging: water, sun, flower of life or fumigation 

Tips : you can recharge it in the sun, but not in continuous exposure (no more than 2 hours) 

Eye of tiger

Protection - Affirmations - Balance


Symbol of strength and courage, this stone with multiple reflections is made for you if you need to boost your confidence in your abilities, learn to love yourself for who you are. Perfect for the shy.

It will give you courage and new dynamism to undertake all your projects. 

True shield against negative waves 

Purification and recharging: water, flower of life or fumigation 

Tips : you can also recharge it in the sun, but not in continuous exposure (no more than 2 hours) 


Stability - Strength - Calm


Stone of protection, black in color, it brings stability, protects against bad energies and helps to change negative habits, as well as self-esteem.

It promotes a responsible and consistent attitude and helps in decision-making.

Onyx helps to fight sadness and depression, it helps to cope with grief or to face a test or difficult period. 

Purification and recharging: all methods.

Tips : Its power increases when the moon is not shining in the sky (such as during a new moon). You will therefore be able to take full advantage of it at that time. 


Openness - Trust - Understanding


Opal helps you see the world with new eyes and frees you from your emotional burdens and wounds.  Opal stimulates your desire to live, your passion and inner joy. It also softens the speeches and makes them positive.

It is beneficial for people who can be rigid and narrow-minded. 

It promotes sentimental relationships and gives courage to the most timid. It awakens the mental, psychic and mystical qualities. It contributes to the awakening of consciousness and to letting go.

Purification and recharging: plunge it into thewater and place the bath in lunar rays for gentle recharging or in sunlight to give it strength. It is also possible to place this stone in a rock crystal geode, on a flower of life or to recharge it by fumigation.

Tips : Opal is very fond of water and can be left there for a long time. 


Peace - Evolution - Recovery


Peridot decreases resentment and reduces the feeling of jealousy.

It stimulates the mind and body making it rejuvenating and energizing. Peridot promotes self-confidence and love of one's neighbor, it is a good stone to help with renewal.

It helps to find peace and happiness in your life. 

Purification and Recharging : water, sun, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation

Tips : You can place it on a cluster of quartz, in distilled water and expose it to the sun. Peridot is very resistant to negative energies, purification is not essential.

Mother-of-pearl and freshwater pearl

Harmony - Tenderness - Peace


The mother-of-pearl is soft, tender and feminine. 

It releases fears and anxieties that affect daily life; it helps to fight against a negative state of mind. It promotes more measured and thoughtful positions and a more calm and clear expression of opinions and decisions.

It is very effective in purifying relationship difficulties, especially in love: it facilitates communication, more balanced and harmonious relationships. The mother-of-pearl pearl stimulates imagination and creativity. The pearl stimulates respect and righteousness. 

Purification and Recharging : water, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation

Tips : Coming from fresh or salt water, mother-of-pearl beads or mother-of-pearl itself will benefit from better recharging when in contact with water.

lava stone

Confidence - Balance - Courage


Stone of stability and appeasement, it fights fears to help you overcome trauma. The natural magnetism of the lava stone positively influences and protects the person who wears it, giving strength and courage to face the difficulties of everyday life.

Lava rock is also a grounding stone that brings both physical and mental strength and stability. It is also a stone of psychic reconstruction which helps to control negative and excessive emotions such as anger. It also helps with self-knowledge to better evolve by overcoming unconscious blockages.

Purification and recharging: Water, salt, sun, Tibetan bowl, flower of life, fumigation, rock crystal.

Tips: Like many black stones, its optimal recharging is done by exposure to sunlight. Ideally, to purify the lava stone, it should be immersed for a few hours in lightly salted distilled water or on a cluster of crystals.



moon stone

Femininity - Intuition - Sensitivity


Moonstone effectively promotes openness, tolerance and learning to be more understanding with others. It is the stone of empathy and femininity.

It gives depth to feelings, softens harsh characters and gives intuition.

Purification and recharging: all methods

Tips : clean your stone daily if you wear it daily


Abundance - Trust - Productivity


The Pyrite stone stimulates memory and allows you to connect to your creative abilities.  It would stimulate the circulation of ideas by making it possible to tap into one's abilities and potential.

An excellent energy shield, pyrite would help bring negative energies back down to earth. It would be an excellent energy shield

Purification and recharging: Water with or without salt for purification, sun or clusters of crystals for recharging.

Tips : If you choose the water purification method, dry your stone well as soon as the process is complete so that you can use it in good conditions. 



Smoky Quartz

Anchoring - Peace - Liberation


Smoky quartz is an effective stone against stress and helps overcome difficult times. It would alleviate fear and bring emotional calm.

Thus, it would help to calm overly strong emotions, improve lucidity and concentration. It helps us think better and get rid of irrational fears, anxieties, inner contradictions, of which we are prisoners. It also improves self-confidence, but also the ability to open up to others.

Purification and recharging: Water without salt for purification, cluster of crystals or light sun for recharging.

Tips: For charging in the sun, choose sunrise or sunset. The light will be soft and conducive to a good recharging of your crystal. Do not leave it in direct sunlight, so take advantage of this moment to meditate!

Pink Quartz

Love - Gentleness - Benevolence


Soft pink love stone.

It is the stone of serenity and peace, it dissolves negative energies and encourages softness and comfort.

It makes the heart receptive, reduces grief and emotional pain.

The Pink Quartz also promotes self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Purification and recharging: water, flower of life, fumigation or moonlight (no more than 2 hours) 

Tips: Avoid prolonged sun exposure.


Trust - Harmony - Love


It encourages benevolence and altruism. This pink stone will bring you sweetness and courage. Rhodochrosite is considered a stone of love, compassion and benevolence, quite ideal for healing deep sentimental wounds.

It also allows emotional release by bringing out painful sensations to be able to overcome them in good faith for all. It aims to develop and strengthen our emotional awareness to live more harmoniously.

Purification and recharging: water, sun, clusters of quartz, fumigation.

Advice: use non-calcareous demineralised water.


Confidence - Creativity - Passion


True stone of passion, the ruby gives enthusiasm and vitality in life.

It calms and restores tone. Ruby promotes longevity and softens excessive behavior.

This beautiful deep red stone stimulates creativity, develops self-confidence, perseverance and gives courage.

Purification and recharging: water, sun, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation

Advice: Ruby is a stone of passion and particularly appreciates sunlight and even the light of flames. If you ever have a chimney fire, remember to put it nearby (without it being in direct contact with the flames of course)


Clarity - Vision - Awakening


Sodalite is the stone of acceptance and self-confidence, it fights against hypersensitivity and develops intuition. It strongly develops understanding and concentration.

It fights against feelings of guilt and anxiety by bringing you great courage. The natural stone sodalite has properties very similar to Lapis Lazuli. It is a stone of great protection for work, which allows to acquire stability, logic, rationality and self-control.

Sodalite is also beneficial for speech and communication.

Purification and recharging: water, amethyst crystal, flower of life, fumigation, moon, amethyst geode.

Tips: Avoid direct sunlight and salt. 

blue topaz

Wisdom - Expression - Openness 


Promotes creativity, focus and openness to positive feelings such as love and gratitude. It helps to release overly rigid thoughts. Helps fight depression and insomnia

Develop accuracy in your words. This blue stone will help you forgive people who have hurt you. This stone strengthens gratitude and inner wisdom.

Topaz also allows you to be in tune with your aspirations.

Purification and recharging: water, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation

Advice: it can be purified energetically by immersing it for several hours in demineralized water, possibly slightly salted.


Wisdom - Healing - Connection


Turquoise promotes a positive emotional state and helps to get rid of depression, anxiety, unhappiness...

It promotes inner calm, stimulating brain activity.

Purification and recharging: water or fumigation

Tips: For water purification, avoid tap water, favor river water or rainwater for example. 

black tourmaline

Protection - Regeneration - Anchoring 


A shield stone, tourmaline captures and retains negative energies from people or places to naturally eliminate them to the ground. 

In contact with your skin, the black tourmaline stone will considerably increase your vibratory rate. This black stone is also known to alleviate hyperactivity by calming your mind.

Black tourmaline banishes fear, sadness, anger and rejection while promoting openness. It would therefore relieve anxieties and anxiety.

It helps fight addictions by allowing you to focus on the positive by reducing the feeling of inner "emptiness".

Purification and recharging: water, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation

Advice: it can be purified energetically by immersing it for several hours in demineralized water, possibly slightly salted.


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