Moonstone: Stone of the month for June

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Moonstone: Stone of the month for June

Moonstone is a white stone with slight bluish reflections, which gives it a magical appearance. It is a very soft and calming feminine stone that can suit both women and men. Don't be intimidated and discover this beautiful, soothing stone.


Moonstone Identity Card

Family : Feldspars

Astrological signs :  Aries, Cancer, Gemini, Virgo

Chakra :  2nd Sacral Chakra and 6th Brow Chakra

Origin of the name :

The etymology of the word moonstone comes from the Sanskrit terms "kanta", which means "beloved" and "chandra" which means "moon". Thus, the two meanings together would mean "loved by the moon" referring directly to its mythical origin.

Our ancestors brought great fascination and interest to the moon. This is why, they saw a great resemblance between the clarity and the lunar rays with the moonstone, which is why it inherited this name.

Since always and still today, its white color and its pearly white, bluish or yellow reflections, enchant lovers of the stars of the night.

Legends and popular beliefs:


In mythology, moonstone was associated with femininity, fertility, motherhood and the deities who represent them.

It is a stone of feminine sensuality and esotericism.

In the Middle Ages, it was often used for the lactation of women and to fight against sterility. 


Femininity, Intuition, Sensitivity

Moonstone effectively promotes open-mindedness, tolerance and learns to be more understanding with others. It is the stone of empathy and femininity.

It gives depth to feelings, softens harsh characters and gives intuition.

It promotes travel and spirituality.


Physique : 

Moonstone being a stone promotes a good hormonal balance, especially for women and could prove effective against all the inconveniences linked to menopause, menstrual pain, or infertility. This makes it an ideal stone for women.

It reduces bloating and all pain related to the lower abdomen. It improves the quality of skin, nails and hair. It promotes restful sleep by reducing stress and anxiety. 

Thanks to its draining action, it avoids water retention problems and contributes to the proper functioning of the kidneys and bladder.


Emotional :

Moonstone is known to give depth to feelings and to promote understanding and listening to others.

It can also develop intuition and promote premonitory dreams.

Moonstone softens characters hardened by grief. 

It is known to appease conflicts and encourage harmony in love. 


This stone is for you if: 

It is a perfect stone for people who need to be softer, who want to reconnect with their emotions. This stone is ideal for women.

If you are looking to develop your sixth sense and your intuition, this stone is for you.

This stone is not for you if:

It is a stone that can be for everyone. Even if it is often said that moonstone is an ideal gem for women and their physical and intellectual sensitivity, you are not unaware that Man is more complex than it seems. 

We have in us a male part and also a female part, which represents a perfect balance: it is yin and yang as we know it. If one of these two parts is out of balance, then you may feel out of place or your mood may be changing. This is how this stone could balance your feminine side, whether you are a woman or even a man.

Purification and recharging: 

Not all stones can be cleaned in the same way. Some do not like the sun, others the water or the moon, etc. It is therefore important to respect the needs of each stone. 

For an effective purification of the moonstone, we advise you to purify it as soon as you receive it. Indeed, even if we purify all the stones ourselves, they have been manipulated by other people before you. It is therefore important to purify them so that they deliver all their virtues to you. 

  • Water, Moon, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation


Purification : 

As for purifying moonstone, we recommend purifying it by placing it under running water for a few seconds while delivering an intention to it. We recommend that you take inspiration from its virtues. For example, you could give him the following intention: "bring me sweetness and harmony". The purer the water, the more effective the purification will be. Be sure to dry your jewelry well so as not to damage it.

White sage and Palo Santo are also good ways to purify moonstone and rid it of bad energies. Light your sacred grass then you can then pass it under this smoke with strong purifying powers. This gentle, yet effective technique can also be used to recharge your stones. 

Important : Never drink, store or use water that has been used to purify your stones. In addition, jewelry made of a material other than stones (wire, stainless steel, gold, silver, etc.) cannot be in contact with water for too long.


Exposure to moonlight is an excellent method to purify and recharge your moonstone. Place it so that it receives its rays, preferably during the full moon and let it soak in. 

Reloading is also possible on a cluster of crystalline quartz or a geode. For this method, leave your stone/jewel in your geode for at least a day.

The 3rd possible method to recharge a moonstone is with sacred geometry. We advise you to use the high vibratory rates of flower of life, scallops... 

Recommendation: Tibetan bowl or ultrasound are not recommended for moonstone, because the vibrations created would weaken the moonstone and make it more sensitive.

We also advise you not to use salt in direct reloading with the moonstone, which would be too abrasive for it.

Reload frequency: 

After a while, your stone will have transmitted all of its energy and will need effective recharging.

We invite you to purify it and recharge it regularly.  

If you use it daily or during an intense period (exam type), we recommend that you purify it every day to cleanse it of negative energies and recharge it 3 times a week to bring it positive energies.

If you use it more rarely, you can purify it once a week and recharge it once a month. 

Tips :  

Place your crystal in a container with demineralised water and place it exposed to the rays of a full moon. Please use this technique only on your tumbled moonstones, as prolonged water exposure can alter the metals that make up your jewelry. 



The benefits of lithotherapy are not scientifically proven, so we cannot guarantee significant effects on your health.

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