Why purifying and recharging your stones is important?

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Why purifying and recharging your stones is important?

Have you just purchased a stone or stone-based jewelry and you don't know how to maintain it? This article is made for you ! You will be able to understand what the purification and recharging of your minerals is for.

Purification of STONES and MINERALS 

It is very important to first purify a stone before recharging it. To give you an example, it's a bit like putting on deodorant without first going through the shower stage. You will agree that this would amount to hiding the dirt... Well for the stones, it's exactly the same. Thus, by recharging a stone without having purified it of its negative energies, this will in no way help it to do its job because it will have retained all the elements that you wanted to get rid of previously. Worse: it could reject them to "clean itself" and therefore return them to you... It is therefore essential to get rid of it before allowing it to start the process again under healthy conditions.

Why purify stones and crystals?

In order to maintain the benefits and virtues of your stones, they must be regularly maintained like a plant for example.

Indeed, by absorbing and accumulating negative energies and conveying their positive virtues, minerals gradually lose their effectiveness and their benefits. Stones can have powerful virtues but in thelack of an interview regular they could no longer act correctly and would even end up having total inactivity or even transmitting polluted and polluting energies.

It is therefore important when you buy or receive a stone to clean it, to purify it and make it your own.

Without purification, your stones can, over time, transmit harmful and negative energies to you. In any case, take care of your stones, they will return it to you by sending you positive energy.

To do this, you can pass your jewel in fine stones under clear water, if possible demineralised. We love using the rainwater from our water catcher that we set on the full moon to charge it with light energies. During this process, you can thank the stones for all the work done, and ask them to cleanse themselves of all the impurities and harmful energies they have rid you of. You will quickly see the stones become brighter. If you are sensitive to energies, you may even feel tingling in your fingers, warmth or even just a feeling of well-being.


We have seen how important it is to purify a stone in order to rid it of its negative energies. Now that it is neutral and "empty", it must be filled with new and positive energy. To give a concrete example, it's a bit like if you washed your glass of orange juice, but you never refill it: it's an empty glass, which does not serve much purpose... The objective when recharging a stone is to add even more intention to give it a mission. If it's a calming stone, then you can ask it to help you find peace and quiet, to de-stress, or to help you fall asleep easier. A stone without positive energy is a stone without a mission, which becomes dull and therefore less pretty, and even less useful.

Why reload the stones?

Purifying its stones is important but if they are not recharged with energy they might not deliver its virtues to you and would therefore be like an "empty shell". You must therefore recharge them regularly.

When your stones are unloaded, it is also possible that you can distinguish a change in color or even sometimes cracks. Recharging them regularly will also allow them to retain all their beauty and original color.

The stone by diffusing its virtues gradually loses its energies and therefore its effectiveness. It is good to recharge it regularly to restore its strength and energy.

To quickly recharge a jewel in minerals, you can simply place it on a flower of life, on a rock crystal geode or even expose it to the light of the moon (inside your window).

To discover the methods of purification and recharging, soon find our dedicated articles. 

You can also find our advice for each of the stones available on AMBROLIA directly in the description of the jewels on the site. 

Note :

The benefits of lithotherapy are not scientifically proven, so we cannot guarantee significant effects on your health.

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