What is a "Path of Life" bracelet?

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What is a "Path of Life" bracelet?

The Life Path AMBROLIA bracelet is a jewel with special virtues!

A Life Path bracelet is unique and personalized by being tailor-made for the person who will wear it. The creation of this bracelet combines the benefits of lithotherapy (the virtues of stones) and numerology (the study of numbers). 

The power brought by the Life Path bracelet will help you to feel better in your life and to find a psycho-corporal balance.

Worn every day, it guides you to get you on the right track to achieve your goals and overcome all your blockages.

It has the power to block and neutralize negative waves and allows you to evolve in your life while taking new steps.




Bracelet Life Path made to measure AMBROLIA

During life, everyone can be confronted with repeated situations of blockages. These can be professional, personal, financial or family. The Life Path of each person concerned can help to overcome these blockages.

Our bracelet Life Path Ambrolia consists of a sequence of a maximum of 8 different beads.

These natural stones of about 6 mm in diameter are chosen with calculations made according to your date of birth, your first and last names.

It combines numerology and lithotherapy.

Each bracelet is unique and the stones are all natural, sourced from ethical suppliers established for 20 years in France. 

The Life Path bracelet reveals your individuality and originality. It contains stones that have been specially chosen according to the numbers that mark out your identity.


Purification and Recharging

To enjoy the benefits and beauty of your bracelet for as long as possible, it is necessary to clean it regularly and recharge it with positive energies. Your bracelet will be made up of several different minerals/stones.

Indeed, some stones are very sensitive to water, salt or light.


This is why we advise you to use gentle and simple methods:

moon nature

The exposure to the rays of the lune

Preferably on full moon days, simply place your bracelet on the inside ledge of a window at night. The rays of the moon will be enough to recharge it.

You can also place them on an amethyst or rock crystal geode, or a flower of life to help the lunar rays channel through your jewelry.

palo santo sauge fumigation purification

The Sage where the Lignum vitae par fumigation 

To purify and recharge the stones of your bracelet, burn your stick or white sage and place your stones above the smoke so that it envelops your stones for a few moments.

While California white sage and palo santo sticks remain references in the purification of minerals, we prefer to use French sage from our garden. The effects remain very similar and we do not contribute to deforestation or the relocation of people living in remote areas. We invite you to do the same by planting sage in a small pot: not only will you be able to use its leaves to recharge your jewelry, but you will also be able to flavor your small dishes!


fleur de vie

Sacred Geometry, shells and Tibetan bowls

You can recharge your Life Path bracelet using the high vibrational rates of a flower of life by placing your bracelet in its center.
Seashells such as scallops (preferably fresh and uncooked or frozen) or abalone shells allow very effective purification and recharging of your stones thanks to the strong vibrations that emanate from them.
All you have to do is place your bracelet inside the shell and let it recharge for a few hours naturally.
The singing bowl or Tibetan bowl is a good source of purification and recharging with the beneficial impact of the sounds emitted. Place your bracelet in the bowl and let it sing for a few minutes. Burn your staff and place your stones above the smoke so that it envelops your stones for a few moments.


The stones of your Life Path

Each stone corresponds to an aspect or element of your life and your identity. The associated stone will impact this aspect in particular.

The assembly of each of these stones in a bracelet will create a vibration specific to each one in order to make you move forward in a more relaxed way by fluidifying your energies and emotions.

pierre de base Life Path

1 - Base Stone 

It represents our roots. It is the family heritage or the heritage of your past lives.

The base stone is the first stone present on a bracelet Life Path. It is the foundation on which your life has been built so far. This stone is linked to the experiences lived on earth and the present link with your ancestors. Just like a tree, it represents your deep roots. The role of the base stone is to harmonize the existing oppositions between your body and your mind by balancing your chakras and your emotions. It will allow you to move forward and evolve peacefully in life.

pierre de sommet Life Path

2 - Summit Stone

It represents our spiritual achievements. It will help us understand what your goal is and how to achieve it. 

As the name suggests, the pinnacle stone inspires height. It is associated with the 7th Chakra. It corresponds to your deepest aspirations and your relationship with life and the universe.

The summit stone helps to live in a more peaceful way and in line with your values. It helps you to discover the mission of your life and will guide you towards the accomplishment of this one. It guides you towards your destiny.

pierre Life Path

3 - Stone of Life Path

It gives the "track" to follow to move from our inheritance to our realization in this life.

It is the stone that will help you combat the difficulties you encounter by transforming the energy of your base stone into a pinnacle stone. You will be freed from your blockages and gain self-confidence. The Life Path stone guides you on the right path to achieve your set goals and objectives.


4 - Call Stone

It symbolizes our deep emotions. It will highlight what is important in your personality. The call stone allows you to exteriorize all your repressed emotions and become aware of them. This stone releases the negative emotional energies buried within you. You feel lighter. 


5 - Personality Stone

She represents the mind. It corresponds to the way you act on a daily basis and helps you overcome difficulties. It allows you to explore your feminine and masculine side. Its specific role is to calm your mind, balance and regulate your mind to face the difficulties encountered on your way. 


6 - Pierre d'Expression 

It is the stone of communication. It facilitates the way you communicate with others in times of difficulty and helps you to open up. You will feel more comfortable expressing yourself freely in society without fear of the gaze of others. This stone will be related to the 5th Chakra (throat). 


7 - Touchstone

It is the stone called "Joker" or "the lucky stone" which will guide you to the doors through which you must pass. The touchstone boosts you in order to gain lucidity and perspective. You will be ready to overcome all difficult trials. 


8 - Wishing Stone

It represents your inner sensitivity, the fiber of aspirations and your wishes. The role of the wishing stone is to help you reconnect with your desires and your self-esteem. You feel more capable of getting what you dream of.

bracelets Life Path confectionnés sur mesure

To know

Sulphur, mercury and salt are elements that are part of the Life Path bracelet, but do not exist in stone form because they are toxic or abrasive when in contact with the skin.

This is why, if one of your stones corresponds to one of these elements, your bracelet will have 7 different stones instead of 8. It is not possible to replace them with other stones, as this would make the Life Path bracelet wrong and therefore inaccurate for you. 

It is very rare that these elements stand out during a calculation. As proof, during our first year of activity, only one bracelet displayed one of these three elements. It should be noted, however, that its absence does not in any way deteriorate the quality of the jewel thus obtained.


AT hold back

Being unique and carrying a special energy, the bracelet Life Path is only intended for the person for whom it was intended. It is strongly advised not to lend, exchange or give away a Life Path bracelet. The bracelet is one with its wearer.


Some examples of bracelets





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