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Cancer zodiac sign

Cancer is the zodiac sign of dreams, sensitivity, gentleness, tenderness, imagination. Often melancholy, he fixes the memories, events and feelings of the past to protect himself from the future.


Cancers are born bandween June 22 and July 22


They have as an element the water


I'water is symbolized by the feelings and emotions that make the imagination highly developed in all water signs. Unlike earth, which is very fixed and slow, water is much finer and more sensitive. People who have this very pronounced element, like water signs such as cancers, scorpions and Pisces, have a great perception of what surrounds them, whandher in their environment or in their surroundings. 


Compatible Signs : Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio.

Incompatible Signs : Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries and Leo.


The Qualities of Cancer

Cancer is an imaginative, sensitive, cautious and discreand person.

They have a heightened sense of family instinct and place great importance on traditions, home, origins and heredity. 

The natives of Cancer are great romantics and sentimentalists. They are also loyal, selfless, kind, tender and loving people. 

These are people who have a sense of hospitality and increased friendliness. 


Cancer's Defects

Cancer's main faults are their passive, moody and overemotional side.

In some extreme cases, they may even be touchy, capricious, or lazy. 

Their great need for love can create fears, worries or relational difficulties in them. 

It happens that Cancers are shy, nonchalant, even melancholy. 

Cancer natives can also remain attached to the past and find it difficult to move forward. 


Cancer Lithotherapy

The main stones that we recommend to them are the Amazonite, Aventurine, Pierre de Lune

The association of these three stones brings to Cancerians an inner calm to fight against their fears or against their hypersensitivity and to open their mind. These stones will help him regain confidence in himself and his abilities, heal his past emotional wounds to move forward in their life.


Amazonite :

Openness, clarity, communication

Amazonite is the stone of intuition, it helps to soothe the concerns of people who are hypersensitive or who have experienced trauma. It frees you from your overly strong emotions, alleviates your fears and anxieties to allow you to open up to others.

This stone increases intuition and communication.



Creativity, motivation, faith

Aventurine encourages love, self-confidence and self-respect. 

It allows you to feel liberated and calm your mind. It promotes joy and positivity in your life.

Aventurine helps heal past wounds and move forward. It develops compassion, creativity and altruism. 

It is the ideal stone if you want to find enthusiasm in your life.


Moon stone :

Femininity, intuition, sensitivity

Moonstone effectively favors open-mindedness, tolerance and teaches you to be more understanding with others. It is the stone of empathy and femininity.

It gives depth to feelings, softens harsh characters and gives intuition.


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