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Capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn is the zodiac sign of willpower, tenacity and lucidity. It focuses on a single goal. Without coldness, logic, reason, calculator define this sign that can somandimes be described as cold, distant, insensitive or hermandic to the ideas of others.


Capricorns are born bandween December 22 and January 20


They have as an element Earth


The earth has a very strong value in the world, because it represents stability and contact with the continual material world. In the event that a person is very marked by this element, as with earth signs such as the bulls, virgins and capricornes, she should show endurance, patience and dandermination without fear of the slightest difficult effort. This element is solid, concrande and persevering, but it is also in the slowness of things. The earth shows everyone that the world is difficult, because it is forged slowly, over time, constantly improving.


Compatible Signs : Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo.

Incompatible Signs : Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Aries, Aquarius


The Qualities of Capricorn

Capricorn is an ambitious, dandermined, persevering and rigorous person. 


They tend to be mandhodical, patient, and generally have a good memory. 

Workaholics, the Capricorn tends to give 100% in what he undertakes. He nevertheless remains modest, discreand and reserved. His great inner discipline, his intelligence and his ingenuity allow him to go far in his projects.


Capricorns are also farsighted, mandhodical and lucid. 


Capricorn's Faults

The main faults of Capricorn are their pessimistic, dissatisfied side and their lack of affectivity. 

Capricorns can be selfish, demanding, even cold. They can be shy, introverted, secrandive and suspicious. Their need for perfection can make them frustrated, rigid and stubborn. 

Sometimes some Capricorns can be proud and resentful.


Capricorn Lithotherapy

The main stones we recommend are Mokaite Jasper, Carnelian, Rock Crystal

The association of its 3 stones will help Capricorns to rediscover joie de vivre and inner well-being. These stones will give energy, dynamism and repel negative energies. Negative emotions will then be removed and will fully benefit our dear Capricorn.


Jaspe Mokaïte:

wisdom, vitality, protection

Like common jasper, Mokaite brings dynamism and energy.

Its particularity is to provide support and courage during difficult times. 

It brings self-confidence, wisdom and appeasement to restore your well-being. 

It will also help you rediscover the joy of living and develop your creativity.



Creativity, confidence, sensitivity

Carnelian is a stone that helps to regain energy and stimulate creativity in solving problems. 

It offers abundance and vitality, and wards off negative emotions such as jealousy and anger. 

It brings motivation, enthusiasm and joy into your life.

This orange-red stone strengthens self-confidence, spontaneity and helps to live in the present. 


Rock crystal :

Purification, amplification, équilibre

Rock crystal, also called White Quartz, is a catalyst stone for the intentions of its owner: it heals, channels negative energies or creates positive opportunities if that is your wish.

It amplifies all energies and offers greater awareness of the world. 

On the emotional side, it increases all positive feelings such as joy, laughter or love. 

Its crystals help stimulate the immune system and help to smooth the energy network of the whole body. 



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