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Gemini zodiac sign

Gemini is the zodiac sign of adaptation, intelligence, communication, eloquence and sociability which can make the person born under this sign light, changeable or easily influenced. 


Geminis are born between May 21 and June 21


They have as an element the air


I'air symbolizes communication in its social sense, as it encourages exchanges and contacts between individuals. If you're an air sign like Aquarius, Gemini or balance, you learn every day to develop your alertness and the clarity of your perceptions. Thought adapts to the other to better initiate mutual exchange. Thus, people who are marked by the air are very cerebral and often seek to theorize what surrounds them to see more clearly. 


Compatible Signs : Aquarius, Leo, Aries and Libra.

Incompatible Signs : Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces


The Qualities of Gemini

Gemini is a sociable, agile and dynamic person. He knows how to adapt to all situations and he is curious. The natives of Gemini learn quickly and easily, they are versatile and intellectual. They are also generally good mediators. 

Gemini has an increased sense of subtlety, delicacy and diplomacy. 


Finally, they are expressive and dualistic in nature, which allows them to cope with dignity even when the situation seems lost in advance. 


Gemini's Faults

The main faults of Gemini are their changeable, vindictive and unstable side.

Indeed, Geminis tend to change depending on who they are talking to and this adaptability can make them seem hypocritical. It's a real lack of self-confidence that Geminis have because they constantly express a real need to be liked by everyone. To achieve this goal, they can then use all possible techniques, even if it means appearing sneaky, agitated and dispersed. They also tend to have a slightly too pronounced critical spirit, which does not necessarily please the most introspective signs. The natives of Gemini are anxious and distressed and need to refocus, often alone, to stabilize their energy.


Gemini Lithotherapy

The main stones that we recommend to them are Labradorite, Hawk's Eye, Bull's Eye

The association of its three stones provides strong protection against the elements or negative feelings. They will help Gemini to regain creativity, confidence and dissolve fears and uncertainties. 



Intuition, connexion, protection

Labradorite is a protective stone that absorbs negative and unwanted energies emanating from people and it works without cutting you off from these people. It dissolves fears and insecurities in order to promote the development of self-confidence. It stimulates the imagination and allows introspection. 

Ideal stone during a transformation or when you are ready to change your life. 

It reduces the level of stress and anxiety in order to bring back joy and spontaneity in life. It supports self-confidence.


Hawk Eye:

Openness, acceptance, intuition

Hawk's Eye is a stone that develops openness to others by stimulating compassion and empathy.

This stone with golden, blue and green reflections helps in decision-making and to show more discernment. 

This stone helps to be open to change and new ideas.

It is also beneficial for communication with those around you.


Bull's eye:

Strength, energy, courage


Bull's Eye is a stone that develops strength and courage. This stone with coppery red reflections gives dynamism and vitality. 

It brings to the wearer a great inner strength. 

It is also an excellent shield against negative energies which acts by sending them back to the person who emitted them.

It develops instinct and gives you perseverance for the accomplishment of your projects. Gemini: you have everything in you to go far, so equip yourself with this beautiful stone of willpower!



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