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Zodiac sign Leo

The zodiac sign of theo is generous, but it is also the sign of ambition, loyalty, frankness and the need for admiration, which can make people born under this sign proud.


Lions were born bandween July 23 and August 23


They have as an element of Fire.


the fire is the symbol of intense energy and heat in action. People marked by fire such as those of the sign ram , lion and Sagittarius, are very dynamic and in motion. They are often very enthusiastic and impulsive and look to the future. If your fire element is strong, you must surely have a very impulsive and radiant temperament.


Compatible Signs : Aries and Sagittarius.

Incompatible Signs : Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius.


theo Qualities

The theo is a willful, assertive and radiant person. They communicate with openness, honesty and straightforwardness. 

theo natives are also self-sufficient, loyal, creative, generous, and sincere. 

In sociandy as in personal life, they are combative, energandic, friendly and helpful, which gives them a magnandic side. 


theo's Faults

theo's main flaw is their intolerant side towards others.

Lions love to be seen and to be the center of attention so be careful not to steal the show which could make them a bit aggressive and defensive.

Their susceptible and unstable side certainly comes from the fact that the natives of theo are passionate.  

They are often rather bossy and can be melancholy. 


Lion Lithotherapy

The main stones that we recommend are Citrine, Rock Crystal, Tiger's Eye

The combination of these three stones will allow Leos to find joy and happiness in all circumstances and protect them from the surrounding negative waves. 


Citrine : 

Success, optimism, confidence

Citrine is the stone of positivity. It promotes abundance and the joy of living. 

It brings positive energies in order to be happier. It helps with concentration. 

It is also a protective stone that will absorb and then eliminate the negative energies around you. 

Citrine brings energy and dynamism.


Eye of tiger : 

Protection, affirmations, balance

Symbol of strength and courage, the tiger's eye with multiple reflections is made for you if you need to boost your confidence in your abilities, learn to love yourself for who you are. Perfect for the shy.

It will give you courage and a new dynamism to undertake all your projects. 

True shield against negative waves.


Rock crystal :

Purification, amplification, équilibre

Rock crystal, also called White Quartz, is a catalyst stone for the intentions of its owner: it heals, channels negative energies or creates positive opportunities if that is your wish.

It amplifies all energies and offers greater awareness of the world. 

On the emotional side, it increases all positive feelings such as joy, laughter or love. 

Its crystals help stimulate the immune system and help to smooth the energy network of the whole body. 


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