Scorpio zodiac sign

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Scorpio zodiac sign

Scorpio is the zodiac sign of passion, drive and instinct. People born under this sign can be quite extreme, indomitable, destructive, even self-destructive.

Scorpios are born bandween October 23 and November 22

They have the element Water.


I'water is symbolized by the feelings and emotions that make the imagination highly developed in all water signs. Unlike earth, which is very fixed and slow, water is much finer and more sensitive. People who have this very pronounced element, like water signs such as cancers, scorpions and Pisces, have a great perception of what surrounds them, whandher in their environment or in their surroundings. 

Compatible Signs : Pisces and Cancer.

Incompatible Signs : Taurus, theo and Aquarius.

The Qualities of Scorpio

Scorpio is a fearless, lucid and realistic person. 

He has an active, hard-working and secrandive side that makes him mysterious. The native of Scorpio has a frenzied need for conquest. 

If you're friends with a Scorpio, they're upfront, loyal, whole, and genuine, which makes them an incredible friend. 

The qualities that can also be noticed in Scorpio are their intense, captivating and dynamic side. He can easily be short-tempered but is also capable of self-control.

Scorpio likes to struggle to achieve their goals and their dandermination and their energy can take them very far.


Scorpio's Faults

The main faults of Scorpio are their passionate side which can be pushed to the extreme. They can be jealous and very resentful. If you hurt a Scorpio, run because he will gand revenge. He will not easily forgand treachery, but is also capable of treachery himself.

Scorpios are extremist, anxious, prickly, dominating and hypocritical. 

He can be very harsh towards others which can make him unapproachable.


Scorpion Lithotherapy

The main stones that we recommend to them are the red jasper, Malachite and Tourmaline.

The combination of these three stones will help Scorpio reduce aggressiveness, regain vitality and joie de vivre. In addition, these stones together will help free him from his fears, sadness and anger.

Red Jasper:

Motivation - Strength - Dynamism

Do you need new energy? This is the stone for you! 

Le Red Jasper is the stone of passion and action. It brings courage and perseverance while removing negative energies and surrounding aggressiveness.

Motivation, strength and dynamism are the key words that define the benefits associated with Red Jasper.

It is very beneficial to bring courage and perseverance. Ideal when you start a new project, it also develops creativity.

Malachite :

Healing, Transformation, Compassion

Healing stone for ailments, this green stone relieves your wounds and soothes your physical and mental pain.

Malachite helps to free you from your emotional blockages. 

It protects against nervousness and balances bodily energies by absorbing negative energies. 

Malachite restores vitality and joie de vivre. It brings confidence, self-confidence and comfort.

It can also be beneficial for coping with a difficult family environment. 

Tourmaline : 

Protection, Regeneration, Anchoring 

A shield stone, tourmaline captures and retains negative energies from people or places to naturally eliminate them to the ground. 

In contact with your skin, the black tourmaline stone will considerably increase your vibratory rate. This black stone is also known to alleviate hyperactivity by calming your mind.

Black tourmaline banishes fear, sadness, anger and rejection while promoting openness. It would therefore relieve anxieties and anxiety.

It helps fight addictions by allowing you to focus on the positive, by reducing the feeling of inner "emptiness".


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