Taurus zodiac sign

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Taurus zodiac sign

Taurus is quiand strength. It is the zodiac sign of common sense, down to earth, well-being, simple pleasures and gluttony which somandimes make this sign stubborn, passive or lazy.


Taurus are born bandween the April 21 and May 20


They have as an element Earth


The earth has a very strong value in the world because it represents stability and contact with the continual material world. In the event that a person is very marked by this element, for example with earth signs such as the bulls, virgins and capricornes, she should show endurance, patience and dandermination without fear of the slightest difficult effort. This element is solid, concrande and persevering, but it is also in the slowness of things. The earth shows everyone that the world is difficult because it is forged slowly, over time, constantly improving.


Compatible Signs : Virgo, Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn.

Incompatible Signs : Aries, Libra, Gemini, theo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.


Taurus Qualities

Taurus is a stable, enduring and persevering person. 

They are generally calm, hard-working and reserved. Taurus natives are understanding, affectionate, patient and powerful. 

They are also skilful, diligent and have a concern for perfection, which can take them very far. Taurus are very thoughtful. 


You can always count on a Taurus because they have a sense of duty and are far-sighted. 


The Faults of Taurus

The main faults of Taurus are their stubborn, selfish and intolerant side. 

They tend to be possessive, temperamental and can also be short tempered if offended. 

They don't like being given advice, because they tend to think they're always right. Taurus sometimes lack subtlety. 

Taurus Lithotherapy

The main stones that we recommend are Aventurine, Malachite and Rose Quartz

The combination of these three stones will bring Taurus more positivity. They will help them free themselves from their emotional blocks, bring sweetness and love into their lives. 



Creativity, motivation, faith

Aventurine encourages love, self-confidence and self-respect. 

It allows you to feel liberated and calm your mind. It promotes joy and positivity in your life.

Aventurine helps heal past wounds and move forward. It develops compassion, creativity and altruism. 

It is the ideal stone if you want to find enthusiasm in your life.



Healing, Transformation, Compassion

Healing stone for ailments, this green stone relieves your wounds and soothes your physical and mental pain.

Malachite helps to free you from your emotional blockages. It protects against nervousness and balances bodily energies by absorbing negative energies. 

Malachite restores vitality and joie de vivre. It brings confidence, self-confidence and comfort.

It can also be beneficial for coping with a difficult family environment. 


Quartz rose: 

Kindness, Kindness, Kindness

Soft pink love stone. It is the stone of serenity and peace, it dissolves negative energies and encourages softness and comfort.

It makes the heart receptive, reduces grief and emotional pain.

Le quartz rose also promotes self-forgiveness and acceptance




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