Turquoise: Stone of the month for September

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Turquoise: Stone of the month for September

Turquoise is a very balancing stone that allows you to stabilize your emotions and help you find inner calm. Contrary to popular belief, turquoise is not neon blue but with a much more natural hue, like the blue of a lagoon.


Turquoise Identity Card 

Family : Phosphate d'alumine

Astrological signs :  Libra, Cancer, Sagittarius

Chakra :  4th Heart Chakra, 5th Throat Chakra, 6th Brow Chakra (3rd eye)


Origin of the name :

The etymology of the name "turquoise" in French, originally meant "turkey stone". This name in reference to Turkey is explained by the fact that the turquoise stone arrived in Europe with the Turks at the time of the crusades. Formerly, the Persians nicknamed it "Feroza" or "Firuze" which means "victorious".


Legends and popular beliefs:

The Indians used the turquoise stone to soothe scorpion stings and snakebites. 

On the American continent, the Aztecs called it "Teoxihuitl". It was used in the realization of many objects, in particular ceremonial, in the form of mosaics mixing turquoise, gold, quartz, malachite, jade, coral… We find objects such as masks, knives, shields…

In the United States, we imagine that the realization of jewels such as turquoise amulets was the main activity and means of development of the Pueblo Indians. 

The Apaches and Navajos associated this stone with "Estsanatlehi", the goddess of change and the seasons or "turquoise woman".  

The Apaches considered that if a turquoise was attached to the bow or rifle of a warrior or hunter, he would never miss his target.

For the Sioux Lakota Indians, turquoise was associated with the goddess of peace called "Whope". 

As for lithotherapists, they use it to treat and regulate a good number of dysfunctions of the human body.

The main deposits for turquoise stone are mainly located in Africa, Afghanistan, Australia, China, United States, France, Iran, Israel, Mexico and Tanzania.



Wisdom - Healing - Connection

Turquoise promotes a positive emotional state and helps to get rid of depression, anxiety, unhappiness...

It promotes inner calm, stimulating brain activity.

The turquoise stone accompanies you on a daily basis to bring you joie de vivre, optimism, and will stabilize your moods and temper your excesses.


Physique : 

The turquoise stone can act on the physique on different levels. Its main virtues relate to pain relief, body fluids and the nervous system. 

On the heart chakra, it regulates the nervous system and strengthens the immune system. 

Turquoise treats eye infections, it is detoxifying, it could be used to counter the effects of poisoning. It regulates the liquids and mucous membranes of the body and purifies these liquids.


Emotional :

The turquoise stone allows you to calm down and calm down when you feel anger or too strong emotions. It helps to amplify empathy. Turquoise will increase personal fulfillment. Used at the throat chakra, it will help you to let go, and thus promote expression with others through communication and listening. Turquoise used on the 3rd eye chakra can help develop intuitions or strengthen meditation sessions. At the level of the heart chakra, turquoise strengthens friendship, soothes anger and generally stimulates love and friendship.


This stone is for you if: 

It is a perfect stone for people looking to stabilize their mood, soothe anger and find inner calm. If you are prone to chronic stress, depression and even burnouts, it will help stabilize your energy and emotions.

This stone is not for you if:

It is a stone that can be for everyone. 


Purification and recharging: 

Not all stones can be cleaned in the same way. Some do not like the sun, others the water or the moon, etc. It is therefore important to respect the needs of each stone. 

For an effective purification of the turquoise, we advise you to purify it as soon as you receive it. Indeed, even if we purify all the stones ourselves, they have been manipulated by other people before you. It is therefore important to purify them so that they deliver all their virtues to you. 

  • Water, rock crystal, flower of life, fumigation


Purification : 

Regarding the purification of turquoise, we recommend that you purify it by placing it under spring or river water for a few seconds while delivering an intention to it. We recommend that you take inspiration from its virtues. For example, you could give him the following intention: "bring me calm and empathy". The purer the water, the more effective the purification will be. Be sure to dry your jewelry well so as not to damage it.

White sage and Palo Santo are also good ways to purify turquoise and rid it of bad energies. Light your sacred grass then you can then pass it under this smoke with strong purifying powers. This gentle, yet effective technique can also be used to recharge your stones. 

Important : Never drink, store or use water that has been used to purify your stones. In addition, jewelry made of a material other than stones (wire, stainless steel, gold, silver, etc.) cannot be in contact with water for too long.


Recharging your turquoise is possible on a cluster of crystalline quartz or an amethyst geode. For this method, leave your stone/jewel in your geode for at least a day.

The 3rd possible method to recharge a turquoise stone is with sacred geometry. We advise you to use the high vibratory rates of flower of life, scallops... 

Reload frequency: 

After a while, your stone will have transmitted all of its energy and will need effective recharging.

We invite you to purify it and recharge it regularly.  

If you use it daily or during an intense period (exam type), we recommend that you purify it once a week to cleanse it of negative energies and recharge it twice a week to bring it positive energies.

If you use it more rarely, you can purify it once a month and recharge it 2 to 3 times a month. 

Tips :  

Place your turquoise in river water for a few minutes to deeply recharge it. Please use this technique only on your tumbled rock turquoise stones, as prolonged exposure to water can alter the metals that make up your jewelry. 

We do not recommend any purification in the sun for turquoise.


The benefits of lithotherapy are not scientifically proven, so we cannot guarantee significant effects on your health.

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