Your personality according to your Life Path number

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Your personality according to your Life Path number

Your personality according to your Life Path number

Before discovering your personality according to your number of Life Path, I invite you to go to our article "Calculating your life number and its important year" in order to discover your own number.

In this article, you will discover the main personality of each life number ranging from 1 to 9. You will know the qualities and faults of each one as well as the most suitable fine stone to accompany you. 



Life number 1: smoky quartz

Individuality, independence, will, pride, ambition

Figure : Circle

Planet: Sun

Red color

Element: Fire

Your qualities

If you have 1 for Life number, it's probably because you have energy to spare. Your enthusiasm and daring give you a certain natural authority perfect for leadership. You have great confidence in yourself and your abilities to go beyond your limits in order to accomplish your goals. Those around you can count on you to assume your responsibilities.


Your flaws

Your will is limitless and this could cause you harm: pride, impatience and impulsiveness often cause you to abuse your authority. Our best advice for you would be to put your creativity to good use to open your mind. Remember that you are not always right and that those around you can help you discover other visions of life to free you from your silent inner struggles. 


the smoky quartz for Life Number 1: Anchoring, Peace, Liberation

the smoky quartz is an effective stone against stress and helps to overcome difficult times. It would alleviate fear and bring emotional calm.

Thus, it would help to calm overly strong emotions, improve lucidity and concentration. It helps us to think better and to get rid of the irrational fears, anxieties and inner contradictions of which we are prisoners. It also improves self-confidence, but also the ability to open up to others.


Life number 2: Amethyst

Cooperation, sensitivity, harmony, intuition

Figure : Triangle

Planet: Moon

Orange color

Element: Water

Your qualities

With Life Number 2, your goal is clear: to seek harmony and balance in the human relationships around you. Your innate intuition and altruism help you help those around you by listening and giving advice. You are a formidable mediator because you use your empathy and your diplomacy to help your neighbour. Your presence is reassuring, soothing and comforting because you manage to read your interlocutor. It is even said that you would have already won the title of ideal partner!


Your flaws

Your search for balance through social harmony can often play tricks on you. Your fear of loneliness and rejection lead you to think of others before acting in your own interest, which makes you a very clingy person in the eyes of those around you. In addition, your moody side makes you an atmosphere sponge, thus fluctuating your moods according to the ambient atmosphere, your successes or failures. Work on your influence and your susceptibility to free yourself from your shell!


I'Amethyst for Life Number 2: Peace, spirituality, wisdom

A gentle soothing purple stone, it is perfect for you if you need to relax and calm down. If you are looking for wisdom, this is the one for you.

It is the ideal stone when you feel emotions overwhelm you or you are in an intense period of stress.

It stimulates imagination, clarity of mind and creativity. Improves the quality of sleep and dreams. amethyst is also known to soothe insomnia, headaches, tension in the jaws and upper back. 

Find the article on amethyst here


Life number 3: Fluorine

Self-expression, liveliness, curiosity, joie de vivre, originality

Figure : Triangle

Planet: Jupiter

Yellow color

Element: Air

Your qualities

You are someone with a highly developed dynamism and creativity. Your joy and your generosity allow your colorful personality to impose harmony around you. You are never bored and adapt wonderfully to any circumstance, especially when approaching life on the bright side. You always see the glass half full thanks to your sense of observation and your imagination. You know how to play with words and your persuasiveness would make you an exceptional journalist.


Your flaws

The strong emotions that you experience on a daily basis thanks to your joie de vivre and your euphoria are precisely your biggest weakness, because the repercussions of so many emotions often place you in a void of desires and an omnipresence of carelessness. In addition, your ease in society sometimes gives you a superficial and egocentric air. You should also pay attention to your level of investment in your businesses: try to keep your seriousness and you will never fall into disillusionment again. 


The fluorine for Life Number 3: Letting Go, Wisdom, Understanding

The stone of fluorite soothes fears and helps reduce stress. It promotes emotional and psychological unblocking and open-mindedness. It helps with concentration and brings intellectual clarity, which will allow you to move forward in your projects. It is the ideal stone if you need to gain self-confidence. It will allow you to see more clearly in your life by stabilizing your negative emotions and thoughts.



Life number 4: Hawk Eye

Discipline, structure, reliability, rigor

Figure: Square

Planet: Saturn

Green color

Element: Earth

Your qualities

Your path is that of stability, honesty and reliability. Your merit goes to your relentless efforts thanks to which nothing is left to chance: everything is always predictable for you. Your discipline, rigor and method forge your concentration, which makes you a reliable person with solid shoulders. Experience is your strength and allows you to accomplish your goals with order and perfectionism.


Your flaws

Your road may experience some chaotic detours because of your intolerance of disorganization. At the slightest mistake, you prefer to start all over again rather than dragging handicaps. This fear of failure and your pragmatism help you avoid these situations. Be careful, however, not to be too stubborn in your habits and routines: it's okay to be wrong, so trust your intuition and gain flexibility to make your life easier!


I'Hawk Eye for Life Number 4: Openness, acceptance, intuition

I'Hawk Eye is a stone developing openness to others by stimulating compassion and empathy. This stone with golden, blue and green reflections helps in decision-making and to show more discernment. 

This stone helps to be open to change and new ideas. It is also beneficial for communication with those around you.


Life number 5: Onyx

Freedom, change, passion, excitement, instability

Figure: 5-pointed star

Planet: Mercury


Element: Air

Your qualities

You are free, curious, daring and this is what makes you open to change and adventure. Always eager for unique experiences to awaken your 5 senses, you are always enthusiastic about the idea of facing new more or less tough challenges. In any case, you count on your flawless instincts to help you in the event of a hard blow.


Your flaws

You easily manipulate your charisma to achieve your ends and this does not help your instability and your lack of commitment to harmonize. Inconstant and impulsive, your need to constantly vibrate often leads to boredom in your daily routines. Your character is very imposing, you should learn to control your desires to invest in more stable projects.   


I'onyx for Life Number 5: Stability, strength, calm

Stone of protection of black color, it brings stability, protects from bad energies and helps to change its negative habits, as well as its self-esteem. It promotes a responsible and consistent attitude and helps in decision-making.

I'onyx helps to fight sadness and depression, it helps to cope with grief or to overcome a trial or difficult period.


Life number 6: Jade

Responsibility, service, idealism, harmony, human intelligence

Figure: Seal of Solomon

Planet: Venus

Blue color

Element: Air

Your qualities

Responsible and balanced, you want harmony to reign around you. Your sincere desire to help others leads you to look at the world through a prism of perfection. You often use your intelligence of the heart to listen and advise those around you, which makes your family your main pillar. You pay attention to your finances and are surely already an excellent arbiter of the debates of your loved ones.  


Your flaws

You like to take care of others, but sometimes to your own detriment! Benevolence is not always so strong in everyone, and your need to be appreciated by all could disappoint you to the point of making you very emotional. Accept the faults of others and see them with new eyes so that you no longer have to bear the disappointments that scare you so much. Live for yourself and not by proxy to learn to assert yourself.



The jade for Life Number 6: Success, health, stability

The stone of jade promotes luck and prosperity. A stone of emotional stability, it will also accompany you in your decision-making by freeing you from your negative thoughts. The stone of exit allows you to create constructive and positive thoughts towards you. It awakens love and respect for life.



Life number 7: Labradorite

Wisdom, detachment, intelligence, culture, perfectionism

Figure: Square dominated by a triangle

Planet: Uranus

Purple colour

Element: Water

Your qualities

You are intelligent and quick-witted, which makes you a formidable thinker. You constantly seek your place in the universe in a deep philosophical existential quest. Your curiosity pushes you to learn and multiply your knowledge in an intellectual baggage boosting your intuition. Independent and spiritual, you are not afraid of loneliness because it allows you to see further into your questions. 


Your flaws

Your eternal quest for knowledge means that you are often alone and cold in front of others. You are often proud and cynical with those who do not share your existential cross, which distances you from human warmth. Anxiety, suspicion and distrust hide the good sides of life from you and make you hard and tense. Let go of your perfectionism a little to reconcile your intellect with your feelings. 


The labradorite for Life Number 7: Intuition, connection, protection

The Labradorite is a protective stone that absorbs negative and unwanted energies emanating from people and it works without cutting you off from these people. It dissolves fears and insecurities in order to promote the development of self-confidence. It stimulates the imagination and allows introspection. 

Ideal stone during a transformation or when you are ready to change your life, it reduces the level of stress and anxiety in order to bring back joy and spontaneity.



Life number 8: Aventurine

Authority, power, courage, affirmation, fighting power

Figure: Two intersecting squares

Planet Mars

Grey color

Element: Earth

Your qualities

Ambitious, determined and courageous, you always go very fast and live life in a big 8. Your path is made of audacity and ambition, so much so that your skill and your determination allow you to achieve concrete and tangible objectives. If your courage and your strategic mind allow you to achieve your goal, it is mainly because you do nothing by halves and your resources are foolproof.


Your flaws

Your pursuit of ambition is your biggest flaw. You try by all means to manipulate and have the upper hand over those around you, who often define you as a tyrant. Bossy and tough, you often set off sparks with your strong and changing emotions. The easiest thing for you would be to moderate these emotions and question your own abuse of power.


I'aventurine for Life Number 8: Creativity, motivation, faith

I'aventurine encourages love, self-confidence and self-respect. It allows you to feel liberated and calm your mind. It promotes joy and positivity.

Aventurine helps heal past wounds and move forward. It develops compassion, creativity and altruism. It is the ideal stone if you want to find enthusiasm in your life.


Life number 9: Amazonite

Altruism, compassion, integrity, humanity, emotionalism, idealism

Figure: Seal of Solomon

Planet: Venus

Blue color

Element: Air

Your qualities

If you are guided by the number 9, it is because your intuition and your generosity make you a helpful and deeply human being. Understanding towards others, you live a constant process in the search for benevolence. Meetings, exchanges and travels forge your intuition and your creativity. Your imagination and your perception will protect you if you accompany yourself with more concrete people. 


Your flaws

Your moralizing utopianism is frowned upon by those around you despite the fact that you are very introverted. You seek to achieve a personal accomplishment that you will only be able to achieve by quenching your thirst for experience, which takes you away from the reality of life. Your emotions are too fragile and your ultra-sensitive age will make you a prey for people with bad intentions. Seek moderation and you will find balance! 


I'amazonite for Life Number 9: Openness, clarity, communication

I'amazonite is the stone of intuition, it helps to soothe the concerns of people who are hypersensitive or who have experienced trauma. It frees you from your overly strong emotions, alleviates your fears and anxieties to allow you to open up to others.

This stone increases intuition and communication.

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