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Les sœurs derrière Ambrolia


"Offering products in line with our values and our history: that is our commitment. "

Once upon a time, there were two inseparable sisters: Annabelle and Pascaline. One day, they had a thirst for adventure and decided to live an extraordinary experience in a wild and mysterious country: Ireland. 

While traveling for months, from the endless plains of the North to the scorched lands of the West, they made an extraordinary discovery. 

As they gazed out over the wild seas, they realized that the Celtic legends were more important than anything else, and that every stone in this land possessed immense power. 

"These stones are beautiful and have the power to heal ailments, but they are inconvenient to carry and there are thousands of them," the older sister thought.

"We should wear them as jewelry, and take the opportunity to work on their shape so that they become fine and graceful," imagined the younger sister.

Suddenly, they realized that the key to all the mysteries would be to design fine jewelry for each of them, on which it would be possible to put their own mark, engraved in the material.

Proud of their discovery, they decided to create the first French company of customizable fine jewelry.

Discover Ambrolia, fine jewelry that feels good.


Ambrolia is the reference store specialized in the sale of fine jewelry made of exceptional minerals. 

The Ambrolia team is composed of two managers with common values and interests, placing product quality and customer satisfaction at the center of all their efforts.

If you need assistance in your search for the perfect piece of jewelry, do not hesitate to contact our team so that we can help you see things more clearly!