Jewelry maintenance

In order to preserve the brilliance and beauty of your jewellery, we advise you to follow these few recommendations.

Keeping the shine:

We advise you to keep your jewelry in a bag or closed box away from humidity.

Preserve them from prolonged exposure to the sun, water and alcohol in order to retain all their original beauty. Also avoid contact with cosmetics and household abrasives.

Regularly use a soft, dry cloth to gently clean them to prevent their natural tarnishing.

In contact with the skin:

We have made every effort to select non-allergenic and quality materials to minimize any skin risk in contact with our jewelry.

However, we recommend that you carry out an exposure test on your skin before wearing them for a long time.

Ambrolia jewelry is delicate and fine, requiring careful and careful handling.

For more information on the model you ordered, find more information on our Ambrolia Blog.

Purification and Recharging:

Are you looking to recharge your stones, but you don't know how? 

Here are simple methods to purify and recharge your stones even if you do not know its characteristics.

First of all, know that after a certain time of use, all the stones have stored up energies or have run out of positive effects. It is therefore important to regularly clean them (purification) and recharge them to "reset" them so that they can again bring you all their virtues.

For each cleansing session, you will need to first purify them and then recharge them.

Purification :

The simplest methods to purify your stones Whatever their characteristics are: fumigation and purification with salt in an indirect way. 

Fumigation is a technique that consists of burning a sacred herb and passing your stone / jewel in its smoke. You have for example incense or sage sticks or palo sauto. 

You can also use these herbs to purify the rooms in your home. Be sure to ventilate your interior after use to evacuate the smoke filled with negative energies. 

For salt purification, when you do not know the characteristics of your stone, do not put it in contact with salt, it may not be compatible. Therefore, you can use the following technique.

Bring a cup or a small plate, a small bowl (if possible transparent) and coarse salt. 

Place your salt in the dish, your stones in the bowl and place it on top of the salt. 

Your stones in your bowl will purify within a few hours. 


After having recharged your stones, you can then recharge them in order to breathe new positive energy into them so that they deliver their best virtues to you. 

The gentlest techniques for recharging your stones are to use the rays of a full moon, sacred geometry or a geode.

Indeed, some stones such as amethyst or Pink Quartz for example are not compatible with prolonged sun exposure, which is why the lunar rays will be much more effective in recharging them while making sure not to alter them. 

Simply place your stones on the edge of a window giving access to the lunar rays, interior side and let them recharge during a whole night. 

You can use this technique 3 days before, during and 3 days after the full moon. 

The rest of the lunar cycle and in maintenance of your stones, we advise you to place your stones on a flower of life. 

The flower of life is part of the elements of sacred geometry, thanks to its regular lines, it recovers the surrounding positive energies to redirect them towards the stone in its center. 

Simply place your stone in the center of your flower of life (you can print one) and leave it for a few hours to an entire night to maintain your stones on a daily basis.

Our final gentle method of recharging your stones is to use a quartz or amethyst geode which will have the effect of redistributing its energy to the stones near it. You also need to purify and recharge your geode regularly to use this method. 

To discover the other methods of purification and recharging of a stone in particular, go to our blog or under one of our product pages (description) of a jewel containing this stone.