Size guide

This guide will allow you to know the perfect size for your future jewel. 

wrist size

To know the exact size of your wrist circumference, you can use a tailor's tape measure. If you don't have one at your disposal, here is a little tutorial to help you easily measure it in just 5 min. You can ask those around you for help. 

- Take a sheet, a pen, a ruler and a roll of tape (optional).

- Cut a thin strip lengthwise. The goal is to wrap it around your wrist to find out the size. 

- Place the band around your wrist and fasten it at the tightest with a piece of tape if you feel the need. Mark the crossing.

- Unroll your strip and measure it with a school ruler in centimeters. You will find that the length corresponds to that of a tailor's meter, as we indicate on the guide below. 

And There you go ! You now know your wrist circumference.

Know that we are always adding a margin so that the bracelet is perfectly suited on your wrist. If you want it to be looser so you can fit one or more fingers, please specify a slightly larger size, taking into account the slight margin that we add later. If you have any doubts, contact us so that we can guide you in your custom bracelet project!

Length of Necklaces

Currently, we mainly offer two lengths of Necklaces:
- The Necklaces with a length of 45 cm (sometimes with an adjustable extension of + 5 cm)
- The Necklaces with a length of 60 cm.
The following photo shows you the difference in terms of size for two Necklaces of 45 and 60 cm in length. Check that the Necklace you are consulting has several lengths, then choose the one you prefer!
We also carry many Necklaces that you can customize according to the size you want. Check that it is possible or contact us so that we graciously adapt the model presented according to your desires if it is possible for us!

Size of the Rings

Currently, our Rings are mostly adjustable to help you find the model perfectly suited to your needs.
For non-adjustable or adjustable models, here is a list of the sizes we offer: 
- Size 6: 52mm
- Size 7: 54.5mm
- Size 8: 57mm
- Size 9: 59.5mm
- Size 10: 62mm
- Size 11: 64.5mm
- Size 12: 67.5mm
- Size 13: 72mm
In order to know your size, we advise you to bring one of your Rings in order to measure it using the same technique as for the bracelets, by taking the inside measurement of your Ring or directly on your finger with a measuring tape. dressmaker or a paper. You can also take your finger size with a ring sizer available commercially or on the internet. 

Length of Earrings

The length of our Earringss are displayed directly on our product sheets in the descriptive part. We advise you to refer to this section before contacting us in case of doubt!
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