Who is hiding behind Ambrolia?

Ambrolia is the benchmark store specializing in the sale of fine jewelery made from exceptional minerals. 

The Ambrolia team is made up of two entrepreneurs with values around common interests, placing stone quality and customer satisfaction at the center of everything they do.

If you need support in your search for the ideal jewel, do not hesitate to contact our team so that we can help you see more clearly!

Our history

Once upon a time, two inseparable sisters: Annabelle and Pascaline. One day, they were thirsty for adventure and decided to live an extraordinary experience in a wild and mysterious country: Ireland.

While they had been traveling for several months, from the infinite plains of the thousand scents of the North to the scorched lands of the West, they made an extraordinary discovery. As they gazed out over the wild seas, they realized that Celtic legends were more important than anything, and that every stone in this land possessed immense power.

"These stones are magnificent and have the power to heal ailments, but they are impractical to carry and there are thousands of them", thought the older sister.

"We should wear them as jewelry, and take the opportunity to work on their shape so that they become fine and graceful", imagine the cadet.

Suddenly, they realized that the key to all the mysteries would be to design fine jewelry for everyone, on which it would be possible to affix their own mark, engraved into the material itself.

Proud of their discovery, they decided to get busy, and to create the first French company of customizable fine jewelry.

Discover Ambrolia, fine jewelry that feels good.

Fun facts

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Unique creations

Since the creation of Ambrolia in 2020, we want to exchange and collaborate with lovers of stones and lithotherapy to always offer more novelties.
With more than 300 jewelry references in real untreated stones and ethically collected by a French supplier, we do everything we can to also offer you the design of tailor-made jewelry adapted to your specific needs.

Can't find the jewel of your dreams? No problem ! Contact us via our form, by phone or even via our social networks so that we can discuss it together!

Why choose Ambrolia?

Support small French crafts

Starting the Ambrolia adventure in 2020, we have always wanted to keep our French culture at the heart of our creative passion. By choosing a jewel from us, you support our small business and prevent international giants from crushing the craftsmanship of our beautiful metropolis, while reducing your carbon impact.

It is thanks to our complete and multidisciplinary training that we can offer you support as lithotherapy advisers to help you better understand your needs with the help of numerology and astrology. Everything you tell us will remain strictly confidential and will not be disseminated in any way without your direct written consent.

The vast majority of our jewels have been entirely designed by hand by ourselves in our Provençal creative workshop. The other collections being entirely created in stainless steel with a 14 or 18 carat gold plating, we designed them with a specialized European jeweler. We then personalize them on demand using our professional engraving machine with a computer-assisted diamond tip.

Buying an Ambrolia jewel made with natural stones means obtaining the assurance of the verified provenance of each of the minerals and natural resins that will follow your daily life. We work with a very small number of French suppliers because they have been handpicked.

Our main supplier has 20 years of experience in the industry. They refuse to support extraction mines that degrade humans through physical, moral or financial abuse. Above all, they make sure that children or fragile people do not work in these international zones, then check that the employees are properly paid and that the mines, rivers and air are cleaned up so as not to impact the inhabitants.

Quality has always been at the heart of our daily life. If we manage to put a smile on your face when you open your package, then it's a day that we've passed hands down!

When preparing your package, we make sure to follow all your written instructions to the letter. If you want a personalized message, a specific engraving or a gift package, we will fulfill your wish as soon as possible. By choosing one of our jewels, it is offering you the magnificent opportunity to smile for a day... or more!

We also place a personalized, hand-written note in each of our packages to thank you for your support. It is very important for us to get involved in the same way for each of your packages!

Know that we purify and recharge all the stones of your jewelry before sending them to you. Our supplier also brings in a magnetizer to attract the best energies to these exceptional stones. When you discover your jewel for the first time, take the time to breathe to take advantage of these benevolent energies made to help you.

We design your jewelry within a maximum of 3 days. Then, your package will reach you within 2 to 10 working days maximum. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to contact us so that we open an investigation with our delivery partner to better understand what may have happened.

When we prepare your order, we take great care to pack it so that the jewel you ordered is not damaged during its delivery. If we offer a pretty recycled cardboard box or a cute little cotton pouch with each of our jewels, it is not so that you will find them damaged when you receive your package.

This is also why we have selected a number of trusted carriers to reduce all risks of delays or damaged packages. In short, your satisfaction is key!

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